Monday, February 14, 2011

In Economic Woes 02-14

The special interest driving federal spending? Big Labor

Latest Salaries For SJ City Employees Posted Online Former police Chief Robert Davis had the highest total compensation - more than $534,000 in salary and benefits - for the year, according to the report.

Obama's $3.7 trillion budget. "Senior administration officials cast the document as a responsible alternative to the deep spending cuts that Republicans will urge in a vote this week on the House floor." AND Obama budget reveals Obama’s core AND Obama spending plan criticized for avoiding deficit commission's major proposals

A Fabulous Resource on the Federal Budget Mess

Debt now equals total U.S. economy

First Thoughts on the Budget

Bring Back Reagan, or Even Clinton

A Nation of Cowards on Entitlements

Wall Street lobbyists to GOP: Hands off Dodd-Frank

Obama budget resurrects rejected tax increases AND Deconstructing the Spending Side of Obama’s Proposed FY2012 Budget

Financial Reality Part I: What Should the Reach of Government Be?

GM hourly workers get $4,000 bonuses AND GM–Government Motors–Giving Enormous Taxpayer Money-Fueled Bonuses

Days of Rage

It’s Showtime: High Stakes for Federal Spending Fight

Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Once Thought to Be Stable

The Feds and California in Mortal Combat

Top 1pc of workers pay quarter of all income tax. A quarter of all of Britain's income tax revenues this year will be paid by just one per cent of earners, according to official data

The President Chickens Out on Spending Cuts

The Great Jobs Recession Goes On. The recession is officially over but unemployment remains high

To Fix the Budget, Bring Back Reagan…or Even Clinton

A Desire Named Streetcar

The End of Fannie Mae Treasury wants the company phased out but punts on how to do it.

Clean energy technology wins out in Obama’s budget

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