Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Media Bias 02-14

As Hacked ChamberLeaks Emails Break, Left Scrambles to Hide Ties to Domestic Terrorist

Recognize This Man?

One Side Is Not Enough: The Diminished Relevance Of Media Matters

Truth or Consequences What if Justice Scalia sued the New York Times for libel?

Palin Gives Time A Few Minutes of Her Time About Its False 'Reporting'

The NY Times Magazine’s False Cover Story exposed by Sol Stern

Chris Matthews Questions Sanity of 'Zany' CPAC Attendees

NPR, PBS Federal Subsidies Should Go

A Fan's Case for Ending Federal Support to Public Radio and Public TV

Carney Got $270K from Time in 2009

Obama's Media Machine: State Run Media 2.0? White House Hones Online Messaging Operation Ahead of 2012 Campaign

The Fairness Police: No Friends of Israel

Liberal Website Calls Herman Cain "Black Garbage Pail Kid"

Still Waiting for Jay

"Steep Cuts?" Even the Left Is Starting to Notice

From Instapundit -
JOURNALISM LESSONS FROM DANA LOESCH ON FACEBOOK: “Lesson for college journalists: Don’t request an interview pretending to be objective when I can Google your social media activity and discover your remarks slamming my ideology. Your request will be declined.”

CNN's Piers Morgan Goes "Love Line" On Us

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