Friday, June 25, 2010

Second Random Round-Up 06-25

Check out PotLuck Boggers here.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Santelli and Dobbs Talk Tea Party Power

PJTV Video (Kruiser Control) - Idiots Without Borders: AZ Official Fails Geography While Chris Matthews Spews Toxic Nonsense on BP

Super Cool - Building the World's Largest Telescope, a Mile Under Antarctic Ice

Hey, pass me that bag of chips. I want to engage in a little civil disobedience. - What should Americans eat? Experts announce 8 new food “rules”

PJTV (VodkaPundi (He's so dream)) - Vodkapundit's Coast to Coast Tea Party

Financial overhaul deal gives Obama a new triumph. Interesting that they are calling it a "triumph" when they haven't even had the final vote on it yet.

Re: Kyl: Obama Did Not Consult on Border Funds
My friend Steve Schippert points out that the $600 million President Obama has finally provided for the defense of Americans at the southern border is considerably less than the $900 million Obama redistribu — er, I mean, provided to Gaza in one of the early acts of his presidency. Gaza is (and was then) controlled by Hamas, which has been formally designated a terrorist organization under U.S. law for about 15 years. That is, if you tried to give money to Hamas, or tried to give money to someone else under circumstances where you knew it would end up benefitting Hamas, you would be committing a crime (material support to terrorism) for which you could be sent to prison for 15 years. Yet, the Obama administration gives 50 percent more money to Hamas than it forks up for border security . . . even as it prepares to sue Arizona for enforcing immigration laws the feds won't enforce. Change you can believe in.
Lucky Los Angeles - Free Tickets Ain't Got A Thing On Mayor Villaraigosa's $120,000 European Vacation

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt) - Will Flaming Liberals Cause a Repeat of 1965 & 1992 LA Riots

Rummy on Freedom

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