Friday, June 25, 2010

Junk Science and Oil Spill Woes 06-25

This is ghastly - It Begins… Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Are Put Into Place …Update: Pensacola Beach Closed

‘Green’ Energy Company Threatens Economics Professor … with Package of Dismantled Bomb Parts. The author of a damning study about the failure of Spain's "green jobs" program — a story broken here at PJM — received the threatening package on Tuesday from solar energy company Thermotechnic.

BP Relied on Faulty U.S. Data. "Forced to rely" might be a more accurate phrasing.

On Being a 21st-Century Peasant. An environmentalist warns: We’re getting a whole new planet.

The truth about wind energy generation

Big Oil Maneuvering and Vestiture, or The Unified Theory of Obama Fail

Why It's Safer to Drill in the 'Backyard' Texas has had 102 oil and gas well blowouts since the start of 2006, without catastrophic consequences

Peak oil postponed again

Judge Faces Death Threats After BP Gulf Oil Drilling Moratorium Ruling. My husband and his co-workers get death threats (always from Lefties) regularly because they dare to question their ideology. They are disgusting human beings when they threaten people like this simply because they don't agree with them. Disgusting and sad.

Generation Gap The Kerry-Lieberman energy bill would enervate America.

Going After the Judge

Big Government is dying in the Gulf oil spill

How an Alabama fire chief risked jail to save town from Gulf oil spill. Jamie Hinton, the volunteer fire chief of tiny Magnolia Springs, Ala., has a plan to use a blockade of barges to stop the Gulf oil spill from entering the Magnolia River. For a time, he went ahead with the plan, even though it might have landed him in jail.

OSHA: BP Less Safe Than Other Oil Companies

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