Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 06-21

Fix Education Spending For Kids Now Before Congress Bails Out Teachers’ Union

Planned Parenthood's missing millions. New GAO report reveals disturbing financial discrepancies

Junk Reporting – the Hidden Truth Behind Claims Of Racial Bias In the SATs

DISCLOSE Act shields Democrat-leaning groups from disclosure requirements

The Lottery’ Offers a Harsh Look At How Corrupt Unions Betray Poor Schoolchildren

Why Won't Obama Waive the Jones Act?
Five years ago, in the midst of another crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, the Bush administration waived the Jones Act, easing the way for foreign vessels to move in U.S. waters and between ports. The decision came with the administration under duress for its handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Today the Obama administration faces a different set of challenges with the Gulf oil spill cleanup.

But unlike his predecessor, President Obama has declined to suspend the law, even temporarily.

Obama's decision has turned into a public relations headache for an administration already reeling from its oversight of the oil spill. European allies, longtime opponents of the Jones Act, have asserted they were turned away when making offers of assistance. The State Department acknowledges it has had 21 aid offers from 17 countries.
Great jobs apartheid: Public sector staff spend nine fewer years at work over lifetime than private employees AND earn 30% more

Puppies, Kittens and NYT Pushback: The Truth About the Humane Society Of the United States

The paranoid delusions of the expert class

Unions Shouting Fire(man) In A Crowded Theater

ACORN’s American Institute for Social Justice Remains Well Positioned to Fund Partisan Efforts

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