Friday, June 25, 2010

In Economic Woes 06-25

Oops: 1st Quarter GDP Revised Down

No Thank You. "Now There Will Be One Agency Whose Sole Job Will Be To Look Out For You" VIDEO. I can "look out" for myself and my family far better than any faceless bureaucrat ever could. This is the audacity of idiocy.

Business's Buyer's Remorse For cooperating with the White House, member companies of the Business Roundtable gets socked with higher taxes and more regulations

I think all you have to know is that Chris Dodd and Barney Frank created this stinking pile. Dodd-Frank bill would bring about sweeping changes to Wall Street

U.S. Lawmakers Reach Accord on New Finance Rules

Financial Reform: Transparency by Choice or by Luck?

House, Senate leaders finalize details of sweeping financial overhaul

White House silent on whether Obama tax pledge still stands

The best stimulus? Spend less, borrow less

Predicts Double Dip in Housing Market: Is She Right?

How sticky are wages today anyway?

Was the Financial Reform Bill Just Too Long To Read, Too?

Double-Dip Recession Fears Putting Scare Back in Market

G20 summit: an economic clash of civilizations This weekend's G20 summit pits President Obama's stimulus efforts against European calls for austerity budgets in what is shaping up as an economic clash of civilizations.

New York’s Shoe Tax

Obama's obsession with ideology dooms U.S. economy

U.S. Economy Grew 2.7% in First Quarter, Less Than Forecast

Paul Krugman Now Laughingstock On Two Continents

Is Sweden a Supermodel for America’s Economy?

Jobless claims drop but remain at elevated levels

Private Sector Losses vs. Public Sector Gains

Senate Democrats pull jobs bill

Sen. Hatch Urges Volcker to Junk a VAT

Obama and Dems heading for electoral disaster

State Pension Gimmicks

Obama claims victory in financial overhaul deal

Mortgage rates hit all-time low, but lending activity remains quiet

Jobless aid measure dying in Senate

Barack Obama is refusing to listen to reason on economic policy President Barack Obama could learn from the old-fashioned German habit of saving money before spending it, argues Jeremy Warner

Two Polls Show Americans Aren't Buying Into Economic Recovery Story

Joint Chiefs chair says debt is the greatest threat to national security

Joint Chiefs chairman reiterates security threat of high debt

House, Senate Negotiators Approve Bank Bailout Bill

A Bad Lie, At Best

House passes campaign finance bill

The top five most ridiculous regulations in Massachusetts

Exchange-Rate Mythology and Weak-Dollar Nonsense

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