Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Round-Up 06-25

My Son’s Textbook Denies Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II Their Rightful Place in History

To avoid getting onto the White House Visitor's Log - Across street from the White House, coffee and a chat with lobbyists

Arizona Park a ‘No-Go’ Zone for American Citizens The Sonoran Desert National Monument is so overrun with drug gangs that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has closed the road into the park.

Ariz. Gov: Most Illegal Immigrants Smuggling Drugs

It. Is. Not. Over.

NO. NO. NO!! Card-check lives: ‘A lot of things can happen in a lame-duck session’

Welfare ATM cards being used in casinos doesn't sit well with readers

Andy Stern’s credibility deficit

Authorities Raid Arizona Business, Arrest 7 Employees Over Identification Concerns

The injustice of "social justice"

Government Study Confirms What We Already Knew: DC Vouchers Improve Graduation Rates

Because I chose to stay at home, I know I don't. Full Frontal Stalinism: Deciding Who Counts as a Feminist

When the feds boycott you

WaPo’s Stevens-Arroyo Calls for Catholics to ‘Embrace a Redistribution of Wealth’. Lefty blogger says Catholic ideas of ‘common good’ demand that drilling moratorium remain in place.

As K-Lo put it over at NRO - "This parody ad is clever. Also deeply cynical." For me, it's funny because its true.

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