Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Media Bias 06-22

A Tale of Two Disasters Bush was blamed for local failures after Katrina. Obama got a free ride for weeks as federal failures mounted during the Gulf spill.

Whopping 31% of Americans still Not Angry yet at the nation's news media. Instapundit is right, you gotta love the "yet" in that headline. The body of the article is fairly snarky and I'm finding it hard to get a bead on.

Keith Olbermann's Wisdom Obama, BP and the crisis of American liberalism

Media Ignore Arizona Critic’s Previous Violent Video

Flashback: Media Promoted Military Criticism of President Bush

NY Times Reporter Honored For Activism Disguised as Journalism

MSNBC Host Admits Working with White House on Talking Points

Reuters Reveals Sleaze Is Essential to Its Bottom Line

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