Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 06-25

President Obama Job Approval

Obama drops under 50% approval … in California

Gallup - Low Approval of Congress Points to High Seat Change in Nov.

Gee I wonder why? - 48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights

P is for Pelosi in Peril.

Pelosi asks for donations to fend off potential GOP investigations

Nevada Senate: Angle 48%, Reid 41%

Political neophyte challenges Feingold

Gallup: Conservatives Hit Record Numbers

Witness: Blago given list of Obama favorites Staff chief Emanuel relayed who president-elect wanted for Senate, Harris says

Ex-Ald. Carothers gets 28 months in zoning-bribery case This guy is linked to Rezko who was Obama's BFF for a long time. But the company we keep is never a reflection of who we are.

VIDEO! Dem Congressman: We Must Have Campaign Finance Disclosure To Stop Republicans From Getting Elected "Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) says "we will see more Republicans getting elected" if the Congress does not pass campaign finance disclosure reform." I love the previous sentence to the above statement that republicans get money from "big corporations" when the dems (especially Obama) got millions more from Wall Street and BP than the republicans. What an idiot.

Harris: Obama knew of Blagojevich plot

The Chicago Politician, the Discredited Non-Profit and a Mystery Earmark

Carol Shea-Porter May Be Busy For the Next One to Seven Years

Villaraigosa's Five-Year Free Ticket Spree. The Los Angeles mayor's usurping of anticorruption rules could spread to pols across California. Could? I thought it already had.

This is ghastly - It Begins… Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Are Put Into Place …Update: Pensacola Beach Closed

Attacks on the Electoral College Gain Momentum

No Thank You. "Now There Will Be One Agency Whose Sole Job Will Be To Look Out For You" VIDEO. I can "look out" for myself and my family far better than any faceless bureaucrat ever could. This is the audacity of idiocy.

Defending Freedom of Speech - Introducing Congress Shall Make No Law

Emminent Domain is evil. KELO: Five Years Later

The Democrats That Wouldn't Govern

House ’shreds our constitution for raw, ugly, partisan gain’ by vote of 219-206

The U.S. Department of Illegal-Alien Labor

Mad Duck Quacks Again

Night of the Yeoman

Homeland Security Denies Interest in Blanket Amnesty for Illegals

Beneath NPR's Poll, The 'Tyranny Of Constituency' Or Why Gerrymandering is bad.

The Law? How Quaint! “Change you can believe in” is working out in practice to mean: If you don’t like the Constitution’s separation of powers — ignore it.

In Gulf oil spill 'war,' cleanup foot soldiers threaten mutiny. Claims problems and mixed messages from the Gulf oil spill unified command structure has local leaders from Pensacola to Plaquemines Parish fuming as the Gulf comes under what some call a 'tarball attack.

BP Relied on Faulty U.S. Data. "Forced to rely" might be a more accurate phrasing.

President Anti-Lincoln: With Malice Towards All and Charity Towards None, President Obama Emotes His Way Through A War

Do Obama’s czars rule America? ‘Oil czar’ Ray Mabus brings total to 38 according to Daily Caller count

Administration weighs bypassing Congress to let illegal immigrants stay

White House Picks Critic of Local Immigration Enforcement for Key Role at ICE

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