Monday, June 21, 2010

In Economic Woes 06-21

House Democrats to Vote on Fake Budget. Fakers voting on fakes. How appropriate.

Borrowers exit troubled Obama mortgage program Borrowers face foreclosure after Obama loan assistance program fails to provide help

NBC's Gregory: White House Rhetoric 'Anti-Business,' 'Could Really Discourage Businesses' in U.S. 'Meet the Press' host calls Obama advisers' lack of business experience 'a problem'; Says Barton's comments 'got to that larger point.'

Spending will kill, not save, our recovery

Dead On Arrival: Financial Reform Fails

From Ken Blackwell who really should be the RNC Chair - Markets and Morals

The 2001/2003 Tax Cuts: Myth vs. Reality

Obama’s Economic Policy: Deny Truth

Fannie and Freddie tab is $146B and rising

Oh for goodness sake! "The Department of Labor Exists to make sure undocumented workers are paid fairly." Hear it from our labor secretary herself.
Obama Labor Chief: Illegals Have a Right to Fair Wages

Bait and Switch: Raising the National Deficit by Stealth

Minimum Wage, Swimming Pools And Teen Jobs

The State of Our Stimulus AND Austerity?

California's Summer Budget Wheel Spins

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