Thursday, April 22, 2010

Junk Science 04-22 Earth Day Edition

Economic Freedom Will Save the Earth That and my husband's book below.

Today's the day to buy this book. It's an Earth Day rememdy!

Screw the Earth, Save The Bacon! AND from yesterday - Drinking DDT. I swear I'll do it if the UN lifts the ban thereby saving African women and children

On Earth Day, praise BPA

Maybe Obama and Biden should read it on their flights home - Obama and Biden to Celebrate Earth Day by Tying Up New York Air Traffic

Slideshow! - The plight of hypocritical celebrity environmentalists

James Cameron is the ultimate environmentalist – except when he flies on pollution spewing private jets

Environmentalism is now a religion, and being overtaken by extremism

Promoting policies that punish Americans Stock up! Functioning light bulbs will be banned in 2012 (unless we repeal).

Happy Earth Day, A Look at Obama’s Failed Anti-Growth Energy Policies

Earth Day 2010---What Are Your Kids Being Told? AND Global Warming Education Needs to be Balanced

This Earth Day, Threats to American Freedom Abound

The Energy Policy Morass

As Earth Day dawns, ‘hell of a lot’ of money to be made on carbon offsets

Environment too important to be left to the government

Great Day of Regulation Reality Tour Events in Colorado

Trying to Recapture That Old Earth Day Magic. Because the smell of old hippie is ever so lovely?

Networks play Captain Planet, downplay ClimateGate and other scandals

Earth Day (April 2010) The good ideas and the bad.

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