Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Explanation for Adrienne

Adrienne commented on my Happy Anniversary post with kindness and confusion. So I thought I'd take a quick moment to explain.

1988 - I meet my husband at Oxford. Our first date is going to the Valentine's Day Ball. Two months later on April 18th he proposes and I accept.

Life intervenes (as well as the Atlantic ocean) and I call off the vacation.

1994 - We go to a mutual friend's wedding together and despite being very "over-served" I manage to have the bridal bouquet thrown into my face.

1996 - We get back together.

1997 - My husband is turned back at the Dulles airport because of insanely over-zealous INS personal who SUCK. But if forces me to make a decision and finally agree to marry him. It takes four months to get a three month "Fiance Visa" so....

Marriage #1 - He arrives on my 30th birthday (I asked him to be my present) and we are married Oct. 1st 1997 by the Justice of the Peace. This is our "legal marriage".

Marriage #2 - Ten years to the day of his first proposal, we have our "official marriage" with all the family in a church.

Marriage #3 - December of the same year, we have a ceremony in England for his family that couldn't make to Marraige #2.

Marriage #4 - None of these ceremonies were Catholic. So for my 40th birthday, my husband takes me out to a fantastic restaurant, gets on one knew and proposes with a "real" engagement ring (yet another story). I say YES and on the 10th Anniversary of our official marriage and the 20th anniversary of his first proposal, we get married in the Catholic church.

But I STILL won't feel like I am well and truly an "honest woman" until we celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary by getting married in Las Vegas by Elvis.

Celebrating our 20th will be done at Disney World and Mickey Mouse. I love marrying my husband because I love him so much. The kids are cool too.

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  1. Well, ok then! Got it. Thanks...

    You aspire to Las Vegas - we started there (32 or so years ago) Not sure exactly. It's that ADD thing cropping up again. Dates, other then a few birthdays, are complete mysteries to me.

    Hope you're feeling ok and you don't hurt too much.