Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Economic Woes 04-22

Will the VAT Lady Sing? If so, it's over for America. Repeat after me - VAT is evil. Vat is wrong. Vat must be stopped! I am right about this and the Wall Street Journal agrees with me!

If true, then I am pointing and laughing - Will Obama’s Goldman Sachs Attack Expose Al Gore? Or Other Dems? The SEC civil charges against Goldman Sachs challenge a firm with ties to many Democrats, including Al Gore and the entire carbon trading establishment.

Financial Times: U.S. Debt to Hit $20 Trillion in 10 Years

Obama's Plan -- A Regulatory Mess

China Property Bubble?

IndyMac Attack: Did Schumer, Paulson, Soros, and the CRL Kill the Bank and Profit From Its Collapse?

From Investor's Business Daily - Lying About Jobs

Morning Bell: The Crony Capitalist Threat to Our Economic Freedom

The Goldman Rule

Reid to cut off bipartisan talks on Wall Street reform

Job-Killing Bailout Bill Rewards Obama’s Friends on Wall Street, Hurts Small Businesses

House Republicans to Layout Bipartisan Approach to Earmark Reform

Quote of the Day: Love Monopoly, My Philosophy, Don't Go Fooling With Private Property. With videos including an old Beatles video. Awesome.

Wynn's remarks rattle Las Vegas gaming. Says he might move his headquarters to enclave of Macau

The W-2 and America’s future

Obama vs. Wall Street: It's All Politics. Let's be honest. President Obama’s anti-Wall Street crusade is more fluff than substance. Isnt' that all of Obama and all of Obama's promises in a nutshell? - "fluff"

Millions Face Tax Increases Under Democratic Budget Plan

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