Friday, October 23, 2009

What Women Want

We want promises kept. Big and small, it doesn't matter. Just do what you said you would.

Sure flowers and romance are great but in a real working marriage, promises have to be kept.

If you say you're going to be home at 8pm, then be home at 8pm. (And if you're late, call as soon as you realize you're late.)

If you say you'll take out the trash, then take out the trash.

If you vowed fidelity, then keep it in your pants.

No matter what promise you made, keeping it shows your wife that you love and respect her. It may be a stupid housekeeping promise that you think you can blow off, but to a wife it's a request she made and you accepted. By not doing what you said you would, you've told your wife that she are low on your priorities. Not the task, the person.

I know, I know, women are pains in the butts. We take things far too personally. Now that you know this, get over it. Because here is a simple solution which avoids a lot of trouble and tears. Keep your promises. Do what you said you would when you said you would do it.


(Oh and by the way, the above is excellent friendship advice, professional advice, and parenting advice.)

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