Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random Round-Up 10-24

If you strike her down, she will only return even more powerful than before. Sarah Palin Strikes Back.

CNBC silencing criticism of Obama? Quite frankly, CNBC can "silence" criticism of Obama as much as they want, who is watching anyways? FOX News can show kittens and still draw higher numbers than CNBC. Wring your hands over something else, let CNBC implode in peace.

Maybe We Can’t! (or shouldn't) More links here.

'House health care bill exceeds $1 trillion'

First thing we do, let's kill all the old people. Obama to tax ICDs, pacemakers. Smooth move, Obama.

My Letter to the Editorial Page Editor of the L.A. Times Regarding That Fact-Challenged Pro-ACORN Op-Ed Written by the ACORN Consultant

Did Democrats put ACORN in charge of regulation for financial institutions?

Biofuel Crops Seen Contributing To Global Warming

President Obama won’t talk climate change in Copenhagen. Apparently, he's "too busy" to go but he may talk about global warming in his Nobel acceptance speech. Which demonstrates that Obama has both two tin ears AND a humongous ego. Let's face it, the "Peace Prize" has been so utterly devalued by its being gifted to Obama that anything he says when accepting it will be treated as meaningless by just about everyone.

Power Plants Face Potentially Costly New Air-Pollution Rules. Because during a massive recession it's smart to make energy more expensive.

ALL ABOARD! Tea Party Express II Leaves the Station Sunday: Will You Be On It? Choo-Choo.

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