Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reminder To Congress

Dear Members of The United States Congress,

A reminder:
You do not work for the President of the United States.
You do not work for various lobbying groups.
You do not work for any corporations whatsoever.

You work for your constituents under the guidelines of the United States Constitution.

You do not care what the President says. You do not care what lobbyists say. You do not care what corporations say.

The only thing you care about, the only reason why you exist in your position is to help your constituents. The People of America who voted you into office.

And if you don't listen to them, the People of America will vote you right out.

So if you think your constituents are going to howl in pain if you vote for Obamacare, remember they will blame YOU for voting that way not matter what anyone else told you.

You have been "reminded".

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