Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 10-20 Updated

The Largest Denier of Health Care Claims Is Medicare

Galen Institute Releases Poll Showing Overwhelming Opposition to the Individual Mandate and Other Key Components of Congressional Health Reform Proposal

That's not stopping Pelosi. Pelosi Pushes Ahead With Calls for Government-Run Health Plan. The House Speaker is standing her ground on demands for a government-run plan, even as President Obama's advisers signaled over the weekend that the "public option" is just that -- desirable, but not mandatory in the massive health care overhaul being debated in Congress.

Pelosi's demands ain't helping her either. Only 34 percent of Californians approve of Pelosi's performance. Isn't that the same approval rating Hoover had when he left office?

Labor vs. ObamaCare
Now, when a union complains about taxes, you just know they must be over the top. Indeed, they are.

An Excise Tax On Health Insurance Benefits Is Middle Class Regressive

The Democrat-Only 'Bipartisan' Health Care Bill. It's going to be tough stopping the ObamaCare express. Please for the love of America, stop it!

When you make a (health care) deal with the devil, you're the junior partner

Good for me but not for thee. 3,000 NHS staff get private care. Also known as A Glimpse of Our Future. To be fair, there are over 1,000,000 NHS workers in Great Britain - a country of 60 million people.

Oh look, here's that future now. Obamacare Is For the Peons… Congress to Keep Their Gold-Plated Health Care Plans.

Congress and Obama Show Contempt for Americans

Analysis: Courting doctors in special interest war

What Singapore Can Teach the White House. Its health care is first class, cheap and market-driven.

About that health-reform cost study

Hair of the Dog: Cadillac Health Care Blues and War on Fox News

Buying the Votes of Senior Citizens

Medicare Confusion

Cognitive Dissonance on Health Care Reform

If the government can't do this, why on earth would anyone believe it can provide decent healthcare to 300,000,000 Americans? Study: H1N1 vaccine too late to help most. Look at the failure of government-run healthcare in small countries like Britain and Canada. AND The Week in Blogs: Rush Haters Exposed! And an H1N1 Inoculation Fail

What's In and What's Out of Health Care Legislation

Smells like Congressional desperation. Reid Leads Democrats In Carving Out Favors for States on Health.

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