Friday, October 23, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-23 Updated

Alaska Republican Congressman Tied to Senator Stevens' Corruption Case. Documents have been filed in federal court linking Rep. Don Young to the corruption case involving Sen. Ted Stevens.

But don't call it corrupt. Anita Dunn's Husband Emerging as Top Contender to Replace White House Counsel. Bob Bauer, the top lawyer for the Democratic National Committee and husband of White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, is under serious consideration to replace Greg Craig.

Fed Hits Banks With Sweeping Pay Limits. If Obama achieves his apparent ends of socializing the US economy, your paycheck could become government-controlled as well. Once politicians get a taste, they can't help themselves from gobbling up everything.

That can't be good. Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years.

Big Ouch: Bay State liberals shun Barack Obama’s visit That's akin to saying low turnout at church for Pope's visit

Treasury: Bailed-out firms to slash pay in Nov.

Congress extends hate crime protections to gays. Perhaps, it should just be a crime. I really dislike this trend of breaking the unity of Americans by hyphen. And seriously, you are a human being regardless of your sexuality. By letting that define you (or any other ethnic/cultural pigeon hole define you), you open yourself up to stereotyping. Why would you do that. You are a unique and whole person, not a stereotype. If your sexual preference, skin color, religion defines you so completely, then that's all you are. How boring. And how despicable of Congress to give one group of people extra protection under the law over others. The law should apply equally to all, not just select, self-identifying groups.

Barack’s Socialist Mop

Sssh. Don't tell Obama, he might get mad. The Limits of Presidential Power

Charming. Obama: Republicans "Do What They're Told" VIDEO. My husband offers up this video to rebut Obama.

Obama Cabinet members often stop in Reid country. I wonder if this helps or hurts Reid.

Related to the Above. 73% of GOP Voters Say Congressional Republicans Have Lost Touch With Their Base.

The Hexagon Of Progress: Barack Obama – Working Families Party – Democratic Socialists Of America – New Party – ACORN – SEIU. ACORN and Political corruption - a two-fer!

FCC votes to begin crafting `net neutrality' rules. This is politically desperate attempt to attack dissent (isn't dissent supposed to be patriotic?) by controlling the Internet.

Blackburn: Net neutrality is 'Fairness Doctrine for the Internet' AND Google chief favors net neutrality but is wary of regulation

It's His Rubble Now. And the American people want him to fix it.

UPDATE - Hoax. - Apparently, the link below has been proven to be a hoax. What's interesting to me is that its plausibility. A good hoax has to have a kernal of truth behind it if it is to have any legs. That Obama has not officially released his college transcripts tells me that more of these "hoax" postings are bound to occur. The question I ponder is when the truth is finally revealed will we be disappointed or vindicated? Obama and the Constitution; He Has His Doubts Apparently the first 10 pages of Obama's Columbia University thesis indicate he wasn't too fond of the US Constitution. Let's think about that. The man who promised "transparency" won't release any of his personal records from birth certificate to graduate thesis AND when a glimpse of is provided, it indicates that same man - the elected leader of the United States of America - thinks the US Constitution "instead fitted them with the shackles of hypocrisy." Hope for change, ya'll.

U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd on Countrywide Financial VIP Loan: "I Feel The Matter's Behind Us. We Ought To Move On.'' Of course he does.

Jonah's right, politics are never civil, but one should always try to be polite about it. What Civility is Lost if It Was Never Found?

Will the Rule of Law Survive Obama? Gosh I hope so.

Deeds ignored advice, White House says. Top Democrats seek to shield Obama in case of election loss.

White House attacks worry moderate Democrats


Florida Journalist Speaks His Own “Truth” to Those Out of Power. With Documents.

VIDEO Andrew Breitbart: The C-Span Interview

That the mainstream media isn't fighting this betrays their fear of the internet. FCC votes to begin crafting `net neutrality' rules. This is politically desperate attempt to attack dissent (isn't dissent supposed to be patriotic?) by controlling the internet. AND Blackburn: Net neutrality is 'Fairness Doctrine for the Internet'

Who Else Has Obama Endorsed? This is a list of Obama-endorsed journalists.

Bullies’ Overreach

Why Can't MSNBC Say 'Sorry' to Limbaugh? MSNBC launches a campaign to discredit Rush Limbaugh but when the network screws up after running a fake quote it can only "clarify" its mistake. Any news organization that presents Olbermann and Maddox as "real" news anchors with a straight face is clearly an ass-clown news organization. Just ignore it and it'll go away.

Fading Print. How we will survive without newspapers. Fairly easily, I imagine.

Goodness! Anderson Cooper Compares Obama to Nixon, Spotlights Declining Approval Ratings

Still slipping ACORN cash. HUD Counseling Funds Tripled Despite Criticism

Philadelphia Story. The Acorn story isn't going away.

Maryland Shouldn’t Prosecute ACORN Filmmakers

VIDEO and DOCUMENT PROOF Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Thanks Iran For Its Financial Support Why are we tolerating this?

Major ACORN Victory In New York Thanks In Part To Van Jones. Why is Van Jones even employable in politics anymore?

Just in Case: Items Suggesting the Direction of Things Ah, that unlovely marriage of ACORN and Unions, it's thugs and thuggery.

ACORN Filmmakers Batting 1.000 But Media Matters Says It’s “Statistically Insignificant”

The Hexagon Of Progress: Barack Obama – Working Families Party – Democratic Socialists Of America – New Party – ACORN – SEIU. ACORN and Political corruption - a two-fer!

I don't agree with everything Bjorn Lomborg says, but I agree with him frequently enough to say he deserves to be heard A LOT. The View from Vanuatu on Climate Change. Torethy Frank had never heard of global warming. She is worried about power and running water.

Cap & Tax, And The Loss Of U.S. Sovereignty. A perfect triumvate, Cap & Tax will raise taxes, kill poor people by freezing them to death, and destroy our economy.

More Stupidity. Obama pushes for passage of climate bill

NBC Anchor: Drop in Warming Credence Because People Are "Less Sensitive to Environment"
Still, this might be a fair assumption to make--obviously the economy is #1 in peoples' minds these days, and understandably so. But isn't it slightly possible that there are other factors at work here that have people doubting Al Gore's hysteria?

As NewsBusters rightly points out, couldn't the fact the BBC recently reported that "for the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures" have an impact on peoples' perception of "global warming"?

Climate Change Shenanigans & Why You May Have To Send A Check To A Family In Paraguay Every Month

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Feds designate polar bear habitat in Alaska. This is such a stupid, ignorant attack on Alaska and Americans' need for energy, it defies belief. The Polar Bears ARE NOT THREATENED. Dumb Asses. (I don't like to curse but this makes me see red.)

Global Warming Silence: Wellesley Walkout

Politics at play as Obama talks energy at MIT.

Related to the above, we are finding more and more energy deposits but not the "right" green sort. Natural Gas Changes the Energy Map

Senator Zeus: Kay Bailey Hutchison Earmarking Your Taxes For Her Odd Fixation on Controlling Hurricanes. Isn't it a cliche that wanting to "control the weather" the responsibility of villains in James Bond movies?

Another dumb idea from EU on global warming. To Cut Global Warming, Swedes Study Their Plates.

There May Be No Coping with Copenhagen. Just because Obama signs a treaty doesn't mean Congress will ratify it. Clinton signed Kyoto and while this current Congress is basically a corrupt cesspool, I'd like to think they want to be re-elected and agreeing to give up US sovereignty is not the way to win elections.

Glimpse of Our Future? (I hope not) "Green Jobs" in Germany

An Inconvenient Rebuttal
"Not Evil Just Wrong," the feature-length film she made with her husband Phelim McAleer, coolly reveals how Al's disguise of hot fanaticism as cold fact arrives as the Senate begins to gear up for debate on "climate change" legislation.
Watch the documentary, then buy my husband's book - Really Inconvenient Truths - and make a weekend out of it.

How To Have Sex

Russia violating treaty, developing missile. How's that Obama diplomacy workin' for ya?

The White City

Pelosi on Elm Street I wish Crowder would stop this style of video clip and go back to more straightforward commentary. He's not as good at it as he thinks.

Gay, Transgender People Could Be in Future Census. Wouldn't they be in the census anyways because at the end of the day, they are STILL HUMAN BEINGS living in America?

Gay Reversal Advocates Say School Libraries Banning Their 'Ex-Gay' Books. I disagree with these advocates but burning and banning books is generally a sign of weakness and corrupt thinking.

Nixon and Obama -- Soul Brothers? OUCH.


McCain Puts Hold on Senate Confirmation of Obama's Labor Board Nominee. Arizona Sen. John McCain is blocking Senate consideration of the nomination of Chris Becker to join the National Labor Relations Board -- a five-member independent government agency that supervises union organization campaigns and investigates and remedies unfair labor practices.

GOP's new lightning rod

As much as I am angry at the way most media outlets have treated the TEA Party protesters and their clearly liberal-but-unacknowledged-biased reporting, I'm putting this article by Charles Krauthammer under "Fighting Corruption" because the MSM fought the White House by defending Fox News. Fox Wars. Perhaps they are finally catching on.....

House Republicans Defend Conservative Commentators, Decry White House Feud. House Republican leaders on Thursday rushed to the defense of conservative commentators after President Obama dismissed Fox News as "talk radio."

Yeah, that's a smart move. WH drops Fox thing, goes after Cheney

Judith Miller's Message to Obama: Gitmo Is No Stain on America

Tea Party to GOP: “Dump Dede” and the RINOs. AND Palin Supports Hoffman

Time to Stand Up for America's Values. If the United States government does not stand for free elections, advocate for free elections, and commit itself to free elections, what then are we fighting for in Afghanistan? If America doesn't stand for freedom, she stands for nothing.

Dillard Says No to Income Tax Increase

Should I Tell My Daughter About Somer Thompson's Murder? If every there was an instance where the death penalty should be universally applied, it is for the murder of children and pregnant women. Period. No allowances made.

VIDEO Suicide Attack Turns the Tables on Iranian Regime. I can't support terrorism but I do support the Iranian people fighting back against their corrupt regime. My head isn't exploding but I do hear some popping sounds.

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