Sunday, October 18, 2009

GOP Re-Evaluation

I think Republicans (well, all politicians really) need to ask themselves, are they going to fight what's wrong or compromise with it?

Are they going to stand up to evil or appease it?

Are they going to defend American values or destroy them?

Because this is the "Do Unto Others" moment. This is the time when conservatives need to ask themselves would I want these taxes inflicted on myself? Would I want to be in a government-run healthcare system? Do I want to pay more and more to tank up my car or warm my home?

Politics are personal. We Americans do NOT give our power to politicians, we LOAN it to them. And if we do not feel they are using the tools of power to our advantage, we have the right - no, the duty - to take our tools back and give them to someone else.

The TEA Party Protests are not a conservative movement, they are an American movement. The sooner the GOP realizes that they are no longer the voice of opposition to liberals but the appeasers and the compromisers to liberals, the better.

Now that is not to say the GOP should be (or is) the party of "No". A good idea is a good idea - no matter where it comes from. But the GOP should stop trying to meet the liberals halfway all of the time because if you keep going half way, sooner or later you end up all the way.

Republicans are no longer conservatives. And people whose bells are being rung by the TEA Party Protests are not necessarily conservatives or liberals but simply Americans who want their freedom, their liberty, and their ability to solve their own problems unsullied by government interference and politicians' grubby fingerprints.

If the GOP is smart, it will give itself a good slap and wake up. Americans do not want to go Left, they want to go in any damn direction they please. The GOP needs to do unto others what it would like done unto it. Otherwise, republicans and democrats may find themselves done in.

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