Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-06 UPDATED

I define corruption not only as wrong-doing but wrong-thinking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but thinking that Roman Polanski doesn't deserve prison time is wrong-thinking and therefore corrupt. Calling people racist because they disagree with you is wrong-thinking and therefor corrupt. You get the picture. I am posting these examples of corruption because I believe in naming and shaming.

Another corrupt political hack in the Obama administration. Official at ACORN Funder to Head Corporation for National and Community Service. Does Obama really want anyone with ACORN ties near him? I suspect, it makes him like he's at home among friends.

Rangel rakes in cash from island rum scrum. Chairman weighs two tax bills. And cashes out on both of them. Stay classy Rangel.

Durbin's office blacklists STARadio stations Apparently Durbin doesn't think his constituents have the right to know if he's in town or not.

FTC to Regulate Blogging. This won't have dreadful unintended consequences at all. FTC meddles in blogger content, free speech.

FTC regulates our speech

You Can't Say That. At the UN, the Obama administration backs limits on free speech.

Another Obama Nominee With Radical Ties AND Obama Administration Defiantly Defends Another Radical Appointee

The continuing battle over Obama's radicals

Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online. Because a lack of transparency is just the change we were hoping for.

GOP To Draft Resolution Designed To Oust Rangel

Protest Breaks Out As Barney Frank (D-Fannie Mae) Comes To Talk To Michigan Democrats. VIDEO! And lots of Frank video links, your eyes will feel dirty and your ears will ache but you will realize just how much bad policy Frank is responsible for.

Feds lied about banks being healthy last year

Learning from the Olympics

Obama Cuts Off Funding for Iranian Human-Rights Documentation Just wrong.

How Israel Was Disarmed. The US abstention was stunningly wrong.

White House's botched 'op' The photo was "doctored". Sorry, should have resisted.

Support the Troops by Actually Counting Their Votes Disenfranchising the men and women who defend us, that is corrupt.

Hair of the Dog: More Nukes for Iran, Fewer Jobs for Americans & Zero Afghan Strategy. Yikes. I (heart) VodkaPundit.

Gates Wants Leaders' War Advice Kept Private. It's probably not a good idea to offend the military, just like it wasn't a good idea for Bush to offend the CIA. Things can get real leaky, real fast.

Now Obama loses the Richard Gere vote. Good comment.

Should the US Tax Mileage or Fuel? NO!

Criminalizing everyone. Needed: A 'clean line' to determine lawfulness.

Liquid Candy. The new addiction is taxing addictions. It's not about improving our health, it's about raising revenue.

Federal Spending Doubles in Less Than a Decade

Chavez, Lula, Obama Make Honduras Unstable: Alexandre Marinis

Light Bulbs v. The Nanny State A glimpse of our future because it is happening now.

Obama's Gitmo blame game
NYC Government Crack Down on Bake Sales

The Great Irish Surrender.

Louisiana Attorney General: Rathke Embezzled $5 Million From ACORN AND Louisiana Atty Gen: ACORN Corruption Much Worse Than Reported

"international brothel network."? Oh my.

ACORN Scrubs Its Website to Eliminate SEIU Links

White House Creates ACORN for the Arts

ACORN Ties Put Pressure on Democrats, Union. Democrats in a handful of states are facing pressure from Republicans to distance themselves from the Service Employees International Union as a result of its ties to ACORN

Bi-Partisan Senate Bill to Defund ACORN

ACORN CEO Says She's 'Cleaning Out' Embattled Organization. In a speech to the National Press Club, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis called embezzlement allegations "completely false" and defended the group's management and mission.

ACORN Advances in New York: Tied to Absentee Ballot Fraud

Open Letter to Congress Regarding NEA Chairman’s Statement

Wade Rathke’s a ‘Dangerous Fellow’

ACORN Paycheck Aside, Patrick Gaspard is a Radical

ACORN Scrubs Its Website to Eliminate SEIU Links

Stern’s New Big Labor Same as the Old Big Labor

Teachers’ Unions Block Reform For Their Own Benefit

Some Criticize SEIU for Its ACORN Connections

List of Movies to Avoid - Corrected and Updated My tracking of celebrities who support Polanski.

Lessons from the Rocky Mountain News. Why did the Rocky Mountain News fail? Interesting presentation.

You Can't Say That. At the UN, the Obama administration backs limits on free speech. Why the heck isn't the MSM reporting this. Oh right.

CBS News Tries To Discredit Conservative Blogs, Fails Miserably AND CBS flunks research and journalism.

In defense of Glenn Beck. Go Jonah Go!

Capitalism? Alive and Well. Michael Moore’s Reviewers? Hopelessly Biased

And that bias in the media is killing their ratings. Bwahahaha. That's Gotta Hurt.

Two Fish, One Barrel: Deconstructing Andrew Sullivan’s ‘The Breitbart Standard,’ Demolishing Conor Friedersdorf’s ‘The Right’s Lesser Media’

Teen’s DIY Energy Hacking Gives African Village New Hope. Many in the far-left environmental movement do not want third-world countries to develop. This teen has done a good thing.

Obama: Government to set global warming example Making government more inefficient at taxpayer's expense based on junk science. Hope and change, ya'll.

EPA’s Next Priority: Meat Control?

Global Warming: Your (Big) Government at Work

Drill Baby Drill. NTU Comments on Oil and Gas Leasing in Outer Continental Shelf

List of Movies to Avoid - Corrected and Updated My tracking of celebrities who support Polanski.

Polanski loses first round in extradition battle

Child Rape and the Values of People Who Make Films

Creepy Behavior Letterman and Polanski, a two-fer!

Polanski Denied Request to Be Released From Prison.

Imperial Roman. The Polanski case is a lot less complicated than the Hollywood “community” lets on.

BET founder mimics Va. gov candidate's speech. Unkind and uncool.

Thomas Sowell's A Letter From A Child.

At the risk of being snarky, bad anything should be fired. Bad Teachers Should Be Fired But its they educational system that is the real root of the problem.

Vanity is one of the seven deadly sins, isn't it? An Olympic Ego Trip

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