Monday, October 5, 2009

In Economic Woes 10-05

Mancession Continues: Male-Female Jobless Rate at Historic Levels, Higher Than Last Two Recessions. Men deserve better than this.

62% Say Today’s Children Will Not Be Better Off Than Their Parents

Student loan proposal makes college officials nervous. Ah, government take-over of our education, that's not a prescription for propaganda.

Stimulus can't ease job pain for U.S. states and cities. Tell us something we don't know.

Obama Should Turn to ‘Cap-and-Trade’ for Growth, Boxer Says. Another BAD idea from Boxer.

Revenge of the Laffer Curve

Update: why has the worst recession since the 1930’s had so little impact on the economy?

Inequality as Usual Interesting Op-Ed but I don't think using Europe's economy as an example helps his position, otherwise okay.

Jobs Government Creates, and Destroys

“Cap” Industrial Competitiveness and “Trade” Domestic Manufacturing Jobs Abroad

Clunkers in Practice. One of Washington's all-time dumb ideas.

Here's another dumb idea from Democrats. A Poisonous Cocktail. Expanding the Community Reinvestment Act. Democrats at it again - taking yet another of their failed policies and expanding it.

Time for a TARP Exit Strategy. The remaining $330 billion should go to deficit reduction.

IG Report Finds Paulsen, Bernanke Misled Public on Bank Rescues. Report says then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and other officials were wrong to contend that all nine banks receiving the first round of bailout support -- $125 billion -- were sound.

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