Friday, October 9, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 10-09

Tort Reform Reduces Federal Deficit, Congressional Analysts Say. The finding bolsters one of Republicans' top health proposals, and provides them with momentum to press for tort reform to be included President Obama's sweeping health care legislation.

The Real Cost of the Baucus Bill: $2 Trillion+

Health care tab to be paid by taxpayers, businesses, seniors

Baucus' hefty bill

From the Wall Street Journal The Greatest Show on Earth. Step right up: A new entitlement that cuts the deficit! Or as the New York Post more succinctly puts it, Baucus' cooked books.

Read the health bill! Not as easy as you think. And that my friends, is part of the problem.

Hatch on the peace prize and Obamacare:

The Baucus Conundrum Sounds like the title to a Big Bang Theory episode.

Health Care Reform: Getting Our Language Right. Because it's not about taking over 15% of the economy, it's about sounding good.

Is Baucus Strong-Arming Humana? FOIA Requests on the Way. But I thought the government was NOT going to force anyone to do anything they didn't want to... oh right.

Controlling Healthcare Costs The American Way: Not Doing It

America On The Couch: Death & Free Health Care, Why We Want One & Fear The Other

Private does it better than Public. Armed to the Teeth: The Fight Over Rural Dental Care

Waste Not, Want Not: The Key to Reducing Costs

U.S. Chamber to Congress: Listen to Voters and Include Medical Liability Reforms in Health Care Legislation

What Congress Will Find in Health Insurer Pay

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