Friday, October 9, 2009

Political Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-09

It occurs to me, given the ridiculous news about Obama's Nobel Prize, that tonight is going to be the Mother of all Friday Night News Dumps.

Tuscan TEA Party Protest - Help fight the corruption! AND Interview with Kevin Jackson: A Proud Conservative with a Relevant Message. Mr. Jackson is the author of The BIG Black Lie.

Cameron attacks ‘big government’. Too bad no one over here seems to be.

Congress acts to extend hate crimes to cover gays. Because hurting people isn't a crime to begin with?

Social Conservatives Mount Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Hate Crimes Bill. Social conservatives opposed to a hate crimes bill that would extend federal protection to gay and transgender victims and nearing passage in Congress are mounting a last-ditch effort to defeat it.

Senate Democrats reach deal on extending benefits. Wouldn't it be a better idea to STOP spending and START job creation?

How long can Democrats stand by Charlie Rangel? How long can a Democrat look in the mirror?

Charlie Rangel's Cloud. An Ethics Case Could Drag Democrats Down. I think Rangel already is.

Ethics Committee to Expand Investigation Into Rangel Allegations. The Committee said Thursday that it has reviewed more than 12,000 pages in documents, conducted 34 interviews and held 30 hearings into Rangel's alleged misdeeds, which include failure to pay taxes and disclose income -- as much as 1.3 million -- he earned from multiple properties.

Senate 2010: Most endangered seats AND Republicans Aroused; Dems, Not So Much

Fair and Decent? The number of Americans that believe others are fair and decent is dropping. Gee I wonder why. This is a three-fer in the corruption round-ups.

More Illegal-Alien Euphemisms

Obama Urges Congress to Create Consumer Protection Agency Obama says the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency would have one mission, 'to look out for the financial interests of ordinary Americans.' Don't we already have these protections in place?

Crime, Census and Censorship

Speaking of censorship. Honey, They Gave Away the Internet

From Great Britain, the dangers of big government via The Nanny State Gets Nasty

That's what happens when you elect clowns. Franken gets testy over statistics

Pelosi's Sinking In the Swamp. If she hopes to survive a bloody battle in 2010 -- one where her own words and actions will be used against her -- Speaker Pelosi must insist that New York Congressman Charlie Rangel resign immediately.

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