Saturday, October 10, 2009

Multi Daily Round-Up 10-10

I'm doing a combo round-up today because it is a Saturday and I wanna play.

More Stonewalling from the Most Transparent Administration in History

What Price for Obama’s Nobel Prize? Do the Norwegians have an agenda?

Mike Huckabee: Conservative criticism of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize sounds like 'right-wing whining' Huckabee is not wrong, the Nobel committee was wrong but unless Obama nominated himself, it's not his fault. That said, visit this site here and watch Rush Limbaugh implode.

Did President Obama Learn Nothing from Ving Rhames? Watch from the 4 minute mark.

Weekend Update: MSM Breaks Up with Obama

U Advocates the Counting of Illegal Immigrants in Census

2010 Census Still a Boondoggle for the Left Especially when there's this HUGE list of Big Labor Unions "helping" with the Census. Charming.

A Defense Bill Should Be About Defense — Not Liberal Social Policies

Seeking to Quell Unrest, Obama to Address Nation's Largest Gay Rights Group Saturday. President Obama will speak at a fundraising dinner gala hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, a group that recently blasted the Obama administration for attempting to dismiss the first gay marriage case filed in federal court. Barney Frank thinks the planned march is a waste of time. Frank: D.C. Gay Rights March Misses Mark

Pelosi & Obama Misread the Tea Leaves: No Liberal Mandate from 2008

Truth will out. What happened to global warming? It's called the weather and it has changed.

THE WEEK IN BLOGS: What's It Take To Creep Out Pelosi ... And Have You Seen This Man?

Dear Harvey: Please Get Over Yourself

The Dawn of a New Era in Infotainment. The evolving — or, rather, devolving — standards of the legacy media.

Nipping Political Speech at the Grassroots. When the First Amendment counts most, the court has been AWOL.

Liberal Health Care Ideas: DOA

Obama's Health Plan Offers Medicare Cuts, Tax Increases First, Benefits Later. Under President Obama's health care bill, federal subsides to help low- and middle-income households to pay for health insurance won't start flowing until 2013, but Medicare cuts and a sizable chunk of the tax increases to pay for the overhaul kick in immediately.

Related from AP: Wait for benefits is 3 years if health care passes. First we pay more taxes for three years and then we lose all our healthcare choices because they are now being dictated to us by a nameless and faceless bureaucrat? Good Times.

U.S. Health Care Debate Feeds Anti-Americanism in Europe (Part I)

Read the health bill! Not as easy as you think. Yes but it can and should be done.

Faux Fiscal Restraint on the Road to Budgetary Armageddon. The Baucus bill is deficit reduction that only spendthrifts could love.

The Mundell-Laffer Solution. A stable King Dollar and lower tax rates could save the nation at this critical juncture.

The Pork Report: October 9, 2009

Runaway Debt

A Satire With Consequences

Report: Reining in lawsuits would cut deficit

Full-Year TARP Results: Banks Hoard More Cash, Make Fewer Loans

Why Do Federal Workers Make Twice As Much As Private-Sector Workers? Good question.

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