Thursday, October 8, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-07

Obama’s America- the Gordon Brown years? My husband just returned from England, his beloved homeland, and he described it as ruined (actually he used a rare curse word) because of Blair and Brown. Heaven forbid we allow Obama to do the same to us.

Return of Walpin-gate. The White House tries a limited modified hangout

The Right’s Real Problem: Too Big to Fail

The Pork Report: October 8, 2009

Real Members of Congress: PJTV Salutes Mr. Faithful Like A Trial Lawyer

How About a Congressional ‘Clawback’ for Taxpayers

Obama's woes keep piling up around globe

Tax the Rich? How's That Working?

Will the Census Count Illegal Immigrants?

Chicago Violence Haunts Obama as Gun-Control Backers Left Cold

The Moral Hazard of Big Governments

The New Era of Big Government. Voters would like it to end. Now.

Roman Polanski Backers Gave $34K To Obama, DNC

80% Marginal Tax Rates After Health Care Reform?

Mrs. Pelosi's VAT. The Speaker floats a middle-class tax hike.

Census Bureau sending violent felons to our doors?

The Power of Payback From the great Victor Davis Hansen

Community Leaders Excluded from Duncan and Holder Meeting

Boehner Fights 'Phantom Amendments'

Is Barack Obama Jesus Christ? Klavan answers the question.

Message to Obama from Jon Stewart.

Wall Street bailouts: Business as usual. President Obama’s proposed reforms may be pro-business, but they’re not pro-free market. ‘Too big to fail’ backstops only ensure failure down the road.

Rangel Should Just Resign Already

Rangel's enablers

(UPDATED) School Kids Sing Praises of Health Care Reform on CNN. Video - School Kids Sing For Health Care Reform On Set Of CNN

Breitbart shapes conservative agenda

Required FTC blogger disclosure

Hollywood, Media Misfire on Polanski and Letterman

Black Tea-Partyer calls out Garofalo over ‘white power’ statement. Isn't it corrupt to give Garofalo a platform?

The Elephant in the Room: Christian freedoms at risk. Why would the U.S. government force a Catholic college to pay for birth control?

Apparently, having Faith is a form of dementia to some.

More Racist Rants from the Anti-Black-Conservative Left


Scientist: Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Global Warming

Boxer-Kerry Climate Bill would Endanger Taxpayers, Economy, Citizen Group Warns

Over the Summer, a Spread of Thicker Arctic Ice

The Cultural Contradictions of Environmentalism: Fast Breeder Reactor Edition

Is Bill Ayers Now Playing Conservatives? Why He Should Not be Taken Seriously

Don't Count on Us. The coming Census debacle

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