Sunday, October 4, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-04

Although Glenn Beck did point this out, a former Weatherman (aka domestic terrorist) has a White House Czar position. WTF?!? The Weatherman Who Helped Author Obama’s Legislation. Freakin' terrific. Obamacare is being written by the same man who "co-founded the Weathermen, led the Days of Rage in Chicago in 1969, and then went underground for the next eleven years with fellow revolutionary and current wife Eleanor Stein (who teaches “climate change” at Albany Law School)." These friends and colleagues of William Ayers in the White House is horrifying.

ACORN Losing Funding From Big Foundations

ACORN: Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?

Now will Congress investigate ACORN?

ACORN Hired People ‘Still In Prison’ Convicted of Identity Theft For Canvassing Voters

The Bizarre Silence of Child Advocates on ACORN’s Child Sex Trafficking Advice

ACORN Founder Wade Rathke: “There Is a Different Culture” Video!

ACORN Prosecutions Coast to Coast

Teachers’ Unions Block Reform For Their Own Benefit Apparently they don't care about the children. VIDEO!

John Fund on grassroots activism. The TEA Party will save America by which I mean conservative populists should rise up and derail this leftist movement once and for all.

Across Europe, the embattled left loses its clout

Wow. Obama just loves to align himself with corrupt folks doesn't he? President Obama to Appear at Fundraiser for Sen. Dodd on October 23.

Big protest in Rome against Berlusconi media grip

Sen. Kerry fails to block Sen. DeMint

No. 2 GOP Senator Offers No Support to Embattled Ensign Asked on CNN's "State of the Union" if Ensign can serve effectively or should step down, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., did not address his colleague's future and said he would await a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. I think it would be a mistake for any conservative politician to defend him.

Patterico and Polanski Apparently Michelle Sullivan is so desperate to defend Polanski, she is willing to go anonymous. Never a good sign.

Defining Deviancy Down

Nobody is applauding as Hollywood premieres Polanski defense

Hollywood's moral compass points away from the vulnerable

Why Garofalo's Comments Are Dangerous Giving leftie loonies a platform to spew a suppressing form of racism is corrupt.

NYT scrubs Obama, Emanuel quotes boasting about Olympics. It's a sad sign that America's journalism is now spending more time covering up for politicians than exposing their misdeeds.

Subsection: Michael Moore is Corrupt
Economics and Me: Michael Moore on Being Entitled

And everyone knows it. 'Capitalism' Will Be Michael Moore's Worst Performer Since 2002

Book office report here - Moore was in 962 Theaters but only pulled $1.5 Million. BWAHAHAHA!

"You have to eliminate it"

I think Publius is correct, we (and Congress) should go back and read the Federalist Papers.
The Federalist Papers: Federalist No. 1 Without knowing what the intentions were of our Founding Fathers leaves us susceptible to the sort of corrupt political thinking going on today.

An index listing of various and recent PJTV videos. All well worth watching. Obama and Afghanistan, Polanski And Chinatown.

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