Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-up 08-26

As I said in an earlier post today (here), while my sympathy for the Kennedy family is real, I do not think we should sacrifice our American economy, our entire healthcare system, and our children's future to edify the non-legacy of Ted Kennedy.
And I ask all those who are fighting Obamacare (Kennedycare?) to keep fighting this monstrosity. Just because Ted Kennedy died doesn't mean we need to "honor his legacy" by destroying the American economy, wrecking our entire healthcare system, and burdening our children with debt for the rest of their lives.

Haven't the Kennedys done enough? Let's not allow pity for a family's loss to fundamentally change our entire society. Perspective, people. Please.

"Democrats plan hundreds of reform rallies." 500 of them to be exact. I wonder if these "rallies" will be open to all comers or if these liberal/progressive/socialist Obamacare supporters just want an echo-chamber instead of free speech? What alarms me most is that the DNC and Organizing for America (Obama's political arm) are working together. Why does the president get two organizations in addition to his bully pulpit. That seems rather wrong to me. Also the deluded Democrats insist Americans want Obamacare. Wrong.

And one tidbit of evidence that Americans do NOT want Obamacare is today's Gallup poll. Obama is at 51%. Seriously, can any of Obama's socialist policies succeed if all the major polls have him below 50%? That time might be coming, even if they drop the Obamacare and cap and trade.

Unsustainable spending is weakening the US Dollar according to this Wall Street Journal op-ed titled, "As Budget Deficit Grows, So Do Doubts on Dollar." And let's be clear, those CBO numbers of $9,000,000,000 deficit does NOT include Obamacare. Will hyper-inflation be coming?

It is not just the Wall Street Journal that is concerned. The Financial Times also has an article up about US deficits titled, "Deficit fears put Obama’s reforms in jeopardy."
Mr Walker is among a growing body of observers who believe America’s deteriorating debt position could have consequences for the country’s national security – even compromising its superpower status. Pointing to the UK, which saw it’s triple A credit rating put on negative outlook earlier this year, Mr Walker says the US faces a similar spectre unless it changes course.
Speaking of bad financial decisions for the US Economy, this can't be good either. Nothing against the man personally, but given Unions' reputations for corruption and graft, isn't this like letting the fox manage the hen house?

From the "Glimpse of Our Future" files, this article describes how Americans are fleeing London's financial jobs due to the British recession and high, high taxes. What does that have to do with the Obamacare Daily Round-Up? Ask yourself this, where can YOU flee to when US taxes hit +60% of your income because of these socialist public policies? Don't think it could happen? In the 70s, the upper tax rate was 90%.

Here and Here are two articled describing more horrors of UK's National Health System (NHS). This is what Obamacare's "public option" and "co-ops" are designed to lead too. And remember, if Great Britain's government can NOT handle the healthcare of its relatively small, rather homogeneous population, why on earth could anyone believe that the US Federal government could. Britain has had nearly 70 years of NHS and are still getting it wrong. No thank you.

“It throws a wrench in health-care reforms,” Maya MacGuineas, president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, said in an interview. “No matter the specific numbers, they’re a constant reminder that we’re in bad, bad shape.”
The above is from this piece titled, "Obama Raises 2010 Deficit Estimate to $1.5 Trillion (Update3)" How many more updates and upping of the deficit will we get? Oh wait, here is "Update 5" from Reuters.

Can we end "The Narrative" please? (By which I mean will the press please stop telling "stories" and start reporting news?)

"It's the Personal Liberty, Stupid." Love the title and that it is directed at Republicans. McCain inspired perhaps? From Jennifer Rubin over at PJTV.

"Moran's town hall descends into chaos" and video of Moran's townhall is here. I'm not particularly sympathetic. Moran supports Obamacare so I can't support him and he was introduced by Howard Dean. That's deliberately throwing gas on the fire, Moran. Duh.

Ann Althouse shares my concern about using Ted Kennedy's death as leverage to cram Obamacare down our throats. We both were right as is reporting here. As I said before, while my sympathy for the Kennedy family is real, I do not think we should sacrifice our American economy, our entire healthcare system, and our children's future to edify the non-legacy of Ted Kennedy.

UPDATE On the above. More calls to leverage Kennedy's death for Obamacare here and here. Ugh.

Greg Mankiw asks "How large is the fiscal hole?" It's this big. is reporting "New Deficit Projection Is a Gift to Obama's Opponents." It may be a gift but it's also a warning. Support Obamacare at the peril of your health, your life, your earning ability, your freedom, your children's future, your children's children's future, and so on, and so on. It's a freakin' Herbal Shampoo commercial from hell.

"China Tears Up America’s Credit Cards." I'm inclined to say this is a good thing. Starve the beast as Reagan did. Too bad none of our political leaders had the spine to do it themselves.

And this tells me that democrats are scared. "Pro-Obamacare fanatic attacks CO Democratic party HQ!" Arguably the political equivalent of cutting yourself? The Denver Post article about the incident is here.

"Stopping Obamacare: $10 for Tark" It's actually a call for donations for a candidate who is opposing Obamacare but, hey, more power to 'em.

So it is only okay to report the gun-toting of Obamacare protestors. Obamacare supporters can carry all the weaponry that's legal. But there's no bias in our reporting. None at all. Now shut up, I explained. From Confederate Yankee.

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