Friday, August 28, 2009

The Healthcare Draft

It can be argued that Modern Liberalism was born in the protests of the 1960s.

The most defining protest of the 60s was the fight against the draft during Vietnam, against the government forcing citizens to do something they normally would not choose to do, ie risk their lives in war.

The other protests were about freedom to choose as well. The sexual revolution broke down societal barriers. The civil rights movement broke down political barriers. Even the later, "pro-choice" movement leading to Roe v. Wade was framed as keeping government out of our lives and off our bodies. All these protests, all these movements were about expanding our liberties (sometimes too much) but the Baby Boomers doing it believed they were fighting government intrusion into their lives.

So now it is terrifyingly ironic to me that these liberal Baby Boomers and former anti-government protesters are now creating a new Draft, a new all-encompasing government intrusion. The drafting of every man, woman and child into an endless Vietnam of healthcare.

Yes, I am comparing Obamacare to Vietnam because it is nothing less than profound government intrusion into and control of our very lives via the healthcare system. And, ironically, those who are protesting this government intrusion are being as vilified by The (now liberal) Establishment as the hippies were.

Even worse, just like with the Vietnam-era Draft, some folks will be wealthy enough to opt-out, some folks will leave the country, and most folks will be stuck with in the government's maw.

Obamacare is a Healthcare Draft. And we who recognize this should fight it vigorously.

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