Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dead Kennedys

I was born in Boston. My mother's family has lived in Massachusetts since 1634. I grew up believing the Kennedys were the ideal all Americans should strive for.

That belief has long died.

It suffered its first blow when I learned of Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo (what does it say about the Kennedys when Chappaquiddick is in my spell check?). Ted Kennedy's defense of William Kennedy Smith was grotesque. And speaking of grotesque, let's not forget the behavior and history of Joseph Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy. All slowly overcame my upbringing and slowly repulsed me from the myth.

Now I am sorry for the Kennedy family for the loss of their patriarch. They are human beings who deserve our sympathy for their loss.

But Sen. Kennedy's death is a good thing for America.

We are a democracy but the Kennedy clan acted like they were the heirs to the kingdom. We are a society that rewards on merit but nepotism ran rampant through the Kennedy clan. The Kennedy name and myth was treated like an American brand we were expected to buy rather than just a name. See here for my most recent post about this behavior.

Ted Kennedy was the anchor of a political family that treated America like an Oligarchy rather than a Democracy.

I would thank the Kennedys for their good service to our country. I thank the Kennedys for their sacrifice to our country and I offer condolences to the Kennedys for all the tragedies they have suffered.

I ask them now to step aside for new people to serve.

And I ask all those who are fighting Obamacare (Kennedycare?) to keep fighting this monstrosity. Just because Ted Kennedy died doesn't mean we need to "honor his legacy" by destroying the American economy, wrecking our entire healthcare system, and burdening our children with debt for the rest of their lives.

Haven't the Kennedys done enough? Let's not allow pity for a family's loss to fundamentally change our entire society. Perspective, people. Please.

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