Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Little Respect For Sarah From The Left

They couldn’t believe that Sarah Palin was capable of something as canny as that deadly “death panels” phrase. They couldn’t see that it was a metaphoric shorthand for something real. Instead they thought she was too dumb, that she meant it literally (to have seen the potential for rationed end-of-life care in the bill), and instead indulged in an orgy of disdain for her “crazy,” “ignorant” “lies” and malicious misrepresentation.
The above is from Ron Rosenbaum's blog over at in a post titled, "How Sarah Palin Rope-a-Doped All-Too-Many Liberals". He discusses how liberals messed up (no kidding) in not taking Palin seriously.

I agree.

But I disagree with his view of the "tactics" of conservatives at townhall meetings. An African-American conservative carrying a gun to a protest is wrong since he was protesting Obamacare but it was okay for Black Panthers to carry rifles back in the day?

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