Sunday, August 23, 2009

Devaluing the Race Card

Ask yourself Gov. Paterson - What Would Martin Luther King Do?

The good Doctor-Reverand has a dream, not a whine.

I think this sentence from a New York Post article titled, "Paterson Whines: Racism" sums it all up.
Paterson cited critical stories about his late-night partying at a Chelsea nightclub on the eve of a painful budget announcement as proof of the media's bias.
Racism is when SEIU thugs beat up an African-American for being conservative and no media outlet covers it. Racism is when MSNBC films a man legally carrying a rifle to a protest and claims it is an example of white racism.

Racism is not someone criticizing your bad decisions as governor. The race card is fraying into meaninglessness because its been whipped out so often.

And yet, perhaps that is a good thing. For once the race card is completely devalued, we can move past victimhood and into something far more productive - personal responsibility for everyone.

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