Sunday, August 23, 2009

The $9,000,000,000,000 Heist

Nine Trillion Dollars. That's how much the nonpartisan CBO is predicting the United States of America will be in debt in the next 10 years unless we stop this mad spending.

This alone should kill every single policy bill Obama and Congress have proposed to date.

And please note in this Reuter's article, here, they did everything possible to "hide" that nine trillion dollar amount and make Obama look fiscally responsible.

But how can anyone look good who has taken our debt from roughly $600 million (which includes the cost of 2 wars and the first bailout that Obama himself supported) to 1.58 Trillion in nine months?

That kind of fiscal incompetence with taxpayer money is tantamount to theft. And it's not just stealing our money right now. It is theft of our future earnings. It is theft of our children's future. It is theft of our country's future.

Obama and his co-horts should be ashamed.

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