Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Muslims, Worse Westerners

I am sick and disgusted by people who believe we can not judge another culture due to their mistaken belief in moral relevancy.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I CAN and DO judge other cultures because I think it is morally abhorant to slice of a girl's genitals or beat a woman. I think that homosexuals should be allowed to live. And that a wife should not be buried up to her neck and stoned to death because someone claimed she had committed adultry.

As you may have gathered, the above mentioned "cultural differences" are regular occurances in Muslim countries AND Western countries with muslims. Rarely does any political leader stand up and vigerously protest this mistreatment nor do they vigorously prosecute the offenders.

So millions upon millions of women live lives of brutal slavery because their Muslim men like it that way and our Western men are too yellow-bellied to fight for them.

If this seems like an extreme opinion, well then you are wrong too. Visit this website here and read about how brutally muslim women are treated. If you buy into this fallacy of not judging because of cultural differences, then imagine how you would feel if any of these things happened to you. Read the whole thing.
Here are just a few of those customs and mores: in Turkey, a nation often cited as “moderate,” wife beating is so common that 69 percent of all female health workers polled (and almost 85 percent of all male health workers) said that violence against women was in certain instances excusable. In April, a new epidemiological study in the European Journal of Public Health revealed that one out of every five homicides in Pakistan is the result of a so-called honor killing. And in Mauritania, the age-old practice of force-feeding young girls—a life-threatening process that is intended to make them round and therefore “marriageable”—has seen a renaissance. Girls as young as five are herded into “fattening farms.” Those who resist are tortured.

It was only when our steadfast ally Afghan President Hamid Karzai signed legislation legalizing the rape of his country’s wives by their husbands that a powerful Western leader actually expressed a view on the subject. “I think this law is abhorrent,” President Barack Obama acknowledged when queried at a press conference in Strasbourg, France. Yet, our president had to be asked about the rape-facilitation law before daring to venture an opinion. Nor is he alone in his bashfulness. All over the world, Western leaders have proven uncommonly demure on the subject of women in Islamic countries. On March 22, for instance, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, the co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières, and usually no slouch at voicing indignation, found himself in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at a formal luncheon. This, on the precise day that a group of 35 Saudi clerics urged their government to ban all women from appearing on television or in newspapers.
The most important moral of human life is "do unto others, what you would have done to you." So why would we tolerate such God-forsaken behavior? Do our political leaders and "liberal" journalists believe it is okay to brutalize women?

When our Girl Scout troop became primarily muslim and we met twice a week in the local Mosque, the other mom's I met were wonderful, bright women that I hope to keep in my life. But when we had to decide where to place our "Gift of Caring" donations raised during the cookie sale, the ladies decided to give to a local battered woman's shelter.

That journalists are not asking and politicians are not stepping up to condemn this behavior is almost as bad as the Muslim men who exploit and enslave their women. A shame to both their houses.

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