Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 02-03

Canada-Care's Secret - Coming to America. AND Oh (no) Canada AND N.L. premier’s heart surgery sparks debate

A two-way track to healthcare-hell - Nancy Pelosi's new health care plan

Fantastic - Rangel: Lawmakers writing compromise health bill

Obama urges Democratic senators to finish the job on healthcare

Are DNC donors funding ads praising Ben Nelson for diluting real health care reform?

That's quite a set of tin ears you've got there - OBAMA URGES SENATE DEMS TO 'FINISH THE JOB'

Lawmakers Crafting Compromise Health Bill

Stumping for Jobs Plan, Obama Pushes Health Bill

Republicans find loophole in budget ploy to push healthcare

Rep. Paul Ryan: 'Rationing happens today! The question is who will do it?'

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  1. "We've told so many lies, young scientists are totally confused"

    (a video spoof of climate science)