Friday, February 5, 2010

Fighting Corruption 02-05

Brown sworn in as US senator; takes Kennedy's seat

Thank You, Glenn Beck, for Exposing Communism’s Evils. Just for the record, the path to Communism starts with Socialism.

PJTV Video - Welcome to Nashville: Kicking Off The 2010 National Tea Party Convention

That Didn’t Take Long… ABC Reporter Attacks National Tea Party Convention Leaders During Press Conference

Becoming a force - Boiling Tea

New Texas gov poll shows Tea Party candidate Debra Medina would defeat Democrat; Perry still leads

PJTV Coverage of the TEA Party Convention

Liveblogging the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville

National Tea Party Convention to Present a Special Screening: ‘Generation Zero’ — The Truth About the Financial Meltdown

Featuring more than 40 leading experts, authors, and pundits from across the political spectrum, “Generation Zero” exposes how the mindset of the “Greatest Generation” — to not let their children suffer through the same economic hardships that they did during the Great Depression and WWII — led to the “Me Generation” and ultimately the Clinton/Bush era of trading campaign contributions for government “cover” in the form of guaranteed bailouts of Wall Street’s speculative investments, thus sowing the seeds of economic disaster that would be reaped by coming generations
. I've said it before and I'll say it again. One, they may have been the "Greatest Generation" but they sure were lousy parents. And two, the naked self-interest of Baby Boomers is responsible for as much woe in this world as socialism.

Tea Party aims to change the political system from within

Tea Party aims to attract youth vote — though the convention is short on students

Rebels with a cause

Tea Party Convention: I Am Your Neighbor

Tea Party Movement Produces New Political Organization

Tea Party convention leaders announce formation of political action committee

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