Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad Politicians Bad 02-01

State Dept. Official: Obama Violated Pledge

PJTV Video (The Hicks Files) - Living In The Past: Obama’s Losing The GOP Blame Game

Obama nominee may have lied to Congress, but she may slip through on Monday before Scott Brown is seated AND Reid Schedules Vote on Controversial Labor Nominee Before Brown Arrives

Obama Labor Board Nominee, "workers should not be able to choose against having a union"

'Cause that's time well-spent - Dem. senators spent weekend with bank, energy, tobacco lobbyists

Heaven Help Him. Religious centrists bail on Obama.

Poll: About All Disagree with Obama Visa Policies

Judging Bam's Supreme slam

Gee I wonder why - Polls: People still like Obama, they just don't believe him

Here's to hoping - Obama May Reap What He Sows for One-Term Presidency

For the love of ... STOP BOWING - Obama Bows To Mayor of Tampa, FL

Is GM Owner Federal Government Playing Politics with Toyota Recall?

Are Voters Stupid? Yes. But we are still a HELL of a lot smarter than nearly all politicians in Congress (or the White House).

ObamaCare Rocks the Dolt Vote!

Sayonara, Madame AND Pelosi's Children and Grandchildren Used Military Jets As Cross-Country Shuttle Service So They Could Avoid Dealing With the Rabble. AND Pelosi's Flights

Condescender in Chief

Troubling Democratic tremors

You Don’t Need a Washington Task Force to Understand the Middle Class Especially one headed by Biden.

Republicans’ Keynesian Arguments

Our Obama Saga. Part One—Chapters One to Four

Obama Notwithstanding, Democrats Defend ‘Messy’ Lawmaking

A tricky question: Is Obama a socialist? AND Is Obama a Socialist?

Meet The New Obama, Same as The Old Obama: Tomorrow We Scrimp, But Today We Spend!

Watchdog groups decry friction between ethics bodies displayed in Stark case

La. senator to stop blocking Obama nominees

Good. Political dynasties are Unamerican - Kennedys and Bidens show democratic dynasties weakening

For Democrats, Words Have New Meanings

lection 2010: Florida Republican Primary for Senate

Given Obama's track record of "helping", I'd pass - White House Offers Backing to Gillibrand Over Ford in N.Y. Senate Primary

What Obama Isn't Saying

Paul Ryan’s moment: Political currents pull Republican to the fore

Schumer Approval Rating At Lowest Level Since 2001

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