Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Round-Up 01-31

More Stuff From Today
Great. Just Great. Obama Is Surrendering Control Of The Internet

Turning union cash to ash. Union greed has dismembered Michigan

Because destroying the secret ballot is so American - Union leader: 'Card check' will pass in 2010

US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles

Could Illinois' Senate race copy Massachusetts?

States Obama would lose if the election were today

GOP to tie Obama to Dem candidates

Chicago cools to Barack Obama, its hometown boy

Democrats at Risk

Die, die, die. Healthcare reform not dead, says Van Hollen; Boehner agrees

Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and the Political Psychology of the Modern Republic

More, more, more! Scientists say crack HIV/AIDS puzzle for drugs

Obama Recruiting Radicals in High Schools It's a bit of a leap but Organizing for America (Obama's political arm) has printed this stuff up.

Fiscal Fraud -- or Frugality?

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt) - Off Color: Democrats Misspeak But Republicans Are Racist

So much for dissent being "patriotic" - NYT: John McCain is the 'unpatriotic opposition'

Really? Obama to Regulate College Football

Is it just me or does the "accent" on the doctor in this spot seem wrong?

Formula shows why it's so hard to cut jobless rate

No Jobs, No Recovery

The redlining of small businesses Owners feeling starved of debt and equity capital, and tired of being at the bottom of the priority list.

Summers: ‘Statistical Recovery and Human Recession’

White House to paint grim fiscal picture

Selling on good news means trouble is brewing

From Davos, predicting the next economic crisis

Nightmare in the Middle East
But no region — not even sub-Saharan Africa — competes with the greater Middle East when it comes to wanton savagery, thwarted opportunities and the danger posed to innocent populations around the world. With fanatical terrorists of unprecedented brutality, Islamist extremists pursuing nuclear weapons, rogue regimes, disintegrating states and threats of genocide against Israel, the lands of heat and dust between the Nile and the Indus form a realm of deadly failure that will haunt the civilized world throughout our lifetimes.

Loads of links - Warm Front

We do get it, Mr. President; we just don't like it

Obama’s Amnesty Footnote.

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