Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Economic Woes 02-03 Updated

Shariah Finance, Criminal Wrongdoing in the AIG Takeover: Will the Special Inspector General for the TARP Funds Investigate the Illegal Trust?

They're Not Necessarily Jobs, and They Weren't Necessarily Created or Saved, but We Gave These Guys Money, and They Gave Us Some Numbers

Why is the IRS Acquiring Shotguns?

Oh Goody - A $2 trillion tax hike

Watch his nose grow! - Geithner says economy improved from year ago AND Geithner Defends Obama's Proposals to Grease Economy's Wheels

Republicans say Obama loan program is first step toward TARP slush fund

Pres. Obama: Spending freeze will address Dems' contribution to deficit

Why on earth would this happen when the man just put out that monstrocity of a budget? - Is Obama Ready to Be President? Leading a coalition against untimely tax hikes could revive his presidency.

The President's Priorities. One of the greatest spend-while-you-can documents in American history.

White House likely to meet congressional resistance on free trade

Children Lead Way in Record N.Y. Homelessness

Unemployment rises in most metro areas

U.S. May Lose 824,000 Jobs as Employment Data Revised: Analysis

That's a big sin-of-omission - Record White House budget deficit omits trillions in Fannie and Freddie liabilities

President's Budget to Stretch Nation's Purse

Budget-Strapped States Avoid the 'Tax' Word

Gee Bernie, ya think? - Bernanke Says Federal Reserve Faces ‘Enormous Challenges’

Here's to hoping - Roadmap to Solvency

Terrific - Treasury Expects to Reach Debt Limit in February

In Senate Panel, Concern Over Deficit

Blowing Cash in Vegas v. Blowing Cash in DC

Grassley Slams Obama's Budget, Tax Increases

Comcast, GE ramp up contributions to key lawmakers ahead of merger scrutiny

Hating Wall Street Bonuses More Than Lottery Jackpots Better than hitting the DC Political Jackpot (aka subsidies).

Still losing jobs, just not as fast? - Pace of Private Sector Job Losses Slows

Wall Street Laughs at Volcker. Obama’s banking czar just delivered his reform proposal, and the big banks finally have something to snicker about—because he’s leaving untouched the risky trades that played a leading role in the financial crisis. AND Financial reform: It's the politics

Commercial Banks' 'Safety Net'

Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million

Not Only Orwellian but Also Disingenuous

How to Destroy American Jobs. Obama's proposals for increasing the tax burden on U.S.-based multinationals would harm our most dynamic companies.

Pay czar: AIG bonuses are 'outrageous' but legal AND Geithner: New Bank Fee Will Recoup AIG Bonuses

This ain't good - More Consumers Pay Credit Card before Mortgage

There are probably lots and lots - Programs We Could Do Without

Big Government Too Far In Business’s Business

VIDEO - Biden: We "Inherited" The Debt Nice try sparkles but we don't believe you.

What isn't going to "get us" these days? - Ryan: "The Bond Markets Are Going To Get Us

Obama's Deficits: Not His Fault?

Editorial: Debt a threat, too

Debate over at The Economist - Obama: This House Believes Barack Obama is Failing

Big Government's Cronies

Obama: "We've Been Very Fiscally Responsible"

Big Government's Cronies

U.K., U.S. Top Aaa Ratings Tested by Debt Burdens, Moody’s Says AND commentary here.

The Perils of Prosperity: The Story Behind the Economic Crisis

Reality Check on Taxes

Immigration: Not Right vs. Left, But Up vs. Down

Stumping for Jobs Plan, Obama Pushes Health Bill

Behind Obama's Phony Deficit Numbers

Uh-huh. Don't Judge the Budget by Its Cover. The substance of Obama's budget isn't conservative, but his way of selling it sure is

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