Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily Round-Up 01-31

Stephen Green mentioned this in his Week in Blogs (he chose this site as Blog of the Week - Hooray) And I had to track it down and post it. Scary. WHAT HAPPENED TO PEOPLE WHO BACKSTAB THE CLINTONS – UPDATE

Miss Virginia Wins 2010 Miss America Crown

Here's to hoping - Infernal Iran; The Death Spiral Accelerates

World hunger and the locavores

“Gay” Pashtuns, or Social Acceptance of Homosexual Behavior GayPatriot's interesting observations about what defines "gay".

RIP - Dillard suspends campaigning


I'd rather see him arrested than allowed to step down. But that's just me. Senator suggests Holder step down

TARP Watchdog Reviewing Pay Czar Decisions

Don't hold back AlfonZo tell us how you really feel. PJTV Video (AlfonZo Rachel) - When One-Size-Fits-All Conformism Reigns, Government Is XXL

Let's Talk About Political Correctness!

Venezuelan police fire tear gas at protesters

PJTV Video (Bill Whittle) - National Insecurity: Obama’s SOTU Errors and Omissions

President Obama and His "Control Issues"

Dramatic Changes Ahead for NASA

Just out of curiousity, was Obama's decision to hold the KSM trial in NYC based on the assumption that New Yorkers are as vindictive as he is? CAP: New Yorkers are wussies. Especially when you consider what Gibbs said - Gibbs: Accused 9/11 plotter likely to be executed

KSM and His Great Traveling Terrorist Trial Is on the Move

Due Process as Pandora’s Box

PJTV Video (Micheal Ledeen) - Ally Of Evil: The Searing Truth Of “The Soviet Story”


Obama pushes nuclear energy to boost climate bill Too little, too late. My husband wrote the cover article for National Review titled "Our Nuclear Future" (here) and his view is more persuasive than Obama's.

When It Comes to Nuclear Power, Companies Should Think Small

So Much Wasted Green for Climate Change Talks

Climategate: NOAA and NASA Complicit in Data Manipulation

Twelve Simple Ways to Fight This Climate Change

Climate Change Supporters Prove They Don’t Have the Courage of Their Convictions

EPA should put carbon regs on hold

Oh Good Grief! - UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article

Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen

A good thing to know - Nasa mission to unravel sun’s threat to Earth. A new probe could help scientists predict the solar storms that cause chaos for us

Cap and trade is merely a revenue scheme for Peter Orszag

I don't know why their gonna hurt poor Herbie, tree rings aren't the greatest proxy for the environment. Scientists want to examine the rings of Herbie the elm tree for Maine climate, age data


Gibbs: Accused 9/11 plotter likely to be executed Excuse me but how is basically stating that the KSM trial will be nothing but a "show trial" going to improve America's standing in the world?

Sen. Gregg Destroys MSNBC Anchors

The Decade the MSM Won


Bertha Lewis: O’Keefe’s Arrest Equals ACORN is Innocent (WTH?) Nice try, Sparkles but if ACORN is innocent then I'm a swimsuit model.

Raiders of the Inglourious Astrouterfers!

The New Racial School Follies

Labor union money linked to anti-Tea Party Web site


Tea Partiers aim to remake local GOP

More impact is what's next for the Tea Party movement

Grassroots vs. Establishment Battles Shape GOP Primaries

Report: Adam Andrezejewski rally in Chicago

Sarah Palin's PAC Rakes in $1.4M in Last Six Months of 2009

Tough Love. How Ben Chavis works education wonders

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