Friday, February 5, 2010

In Economic Woes 02-05

Economy Sheds 20,000 Jobs But Rate Drops to 9.7 Percent

Federal Court: No, the Government May Not Prevent Further Discovery of the Takeover of AIG

The Instability of Monopolies

IRS Takes an Exemption for Itself

New Unemployment Numbers AND The Real Story Behind Our Unemployment Numbers AND US Jan Jobless Rate Falls To 9.7%; Payrolls -20K AND Unemployment rate edges downward to 9.7 percent, but economy sheds jobs

Government hires as private industry fires

Honey, They Shrunk the Private Sector. Meanwhile, the federal government keeps growing and growing. AND It's Boom-Time for Public Employees

Rising debt will do U.S. in. President Obama’s budget mustn’t pass

Obama asks Congress to pass new small-business jobs plan

Coal Industry Balks at Proposal for Higher Taxes. Since coal supplies 60%+ of our energy, higher taxes on coal equals higher prices on EVERYTHING!

Your Neighbor Hearts Socialism

Mystery Men of the Financial Crisis

Cooking the goose Former British Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher once noted that the prob lem with socialist government is that it eventually "runs out of other people's money."

Ten Years Ago? Seriously?

For the record, lobbyists ask the government for money which is also known as your tax dollars. Lobbyists hitting up federal agencies as earmark rate drops

Punishing the Generous Rich

Clueless in Washington. Neither the president nor Congress shows any sign of knowing how to tackle the deficit

The Euro: One Size Still Not Fitting All

Europe's Debt Crisis Intensifies

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