Thursday, January 14, 2010

Political Corruption 01-14

House oversight probe subpoenas New York Fed for Geithner's e-mails, phone logs on AIG deals

Joe Biden update: He meets on transparency today. But the meeting is closed

Conflict of Interest? Intel Gives $250 Million Obama Charity in Midst of FTC Suit

Department of Injustice Watch: New Black Panther Party scandal update

VDH - Truths We Dare Not Speak

Scott Brown, Too Rich for 'Ted Kennedy's Seat?'

Is Martha Coakley committed to justice?

Harry Reid's Negro Problem

Team Obama Keeps Pushing to Take Over the Internet

Poll: Majority would vote against Obama re-election AND Majority Would Vote Against Obama AND Poll: Majority Would Vote 'Nobama' Today AND Fox News Poll: Obama Ends First Year With 50 Percent Approval Rating

Recalling Capuano’s Warning to Other Democrats - Jim Geraghty

The Transparency of the Presidential Lie

Does the Constitution Allow the Feds to Lock Up "Dangerous" People?

He's trying a "Don't Ask, Won't Tell" policy out. Obama Gives Speeches, Interviews But Few Press Conferences

Senior House Republican: GOP must run on repealing healthcare reform in 2010

Obama and the Missing Nobel Prize Money

Pathetic - Obama’s Found a Villain to Distract the Angry Voter

When Conservative Felonies Become Liberal Misdemeanors

Former Congressman Campbell to Drop California Gubernatorial Bid

The President's Bait-and-Switch Operation. Which campaign promises has he kept?

Coming and Going

The Elephant in the Room: Voting GOP with their feet. Population trends are favoring Republicans who run for president and Congress.

Let the People Vote: An Open Letter to Congress

Rattled Dems fret over health of Senate seat

Lights Out on Liberty

Let’s Not Be Race Hucksters Like the Dems

Scott Brown Gives David Gergen a Lesson in Government

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