Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brown v. Coakley 01-13

Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed. Presumably only if Brown wins. Disgraceful! BUT Rep. Frank lashes out over accusations that Mass. Dems would stall a Brown certification

Union plans major ad buy for Coakley The Union in question is the SEIU which is a corrupt crony of ACORN, so Martha's got that going for her too. Ugh!

UPDATE - Dem Staffer Apologizes For Shoving Weekly Standard Reporter

Classy, as well. Coakley Staffer Knocks Reporter to the Ground

Standard reporter shoved

Video: Coakley associate shoves Weekly Standard reporter; Update: Photo of assailant
You know, a state Attorney General should be the person to enforce the law — especially, as this photo shows, she witnessed the assault and battery …

This Photo May Change The Election

The Ominous Parallels

Update: Is the Coakley Camp Resorting to Physical Violence?

Coakley: A Witness, But Not For The Prosecution?

Coakley Camp Roughs Up Reporter?

Oh and apparently Coakley is paying Union workers to show up at her functions. Listen to the voices in this video below.

And here - MA Union Guy: Sshhhh, Lady! I'm Voting for Brown, OK? Just Doing My Job Here. Now Beat It! AND Union workers admits being paid by Coakley camp…but he’ll vote for Brown

Coakley Admits She Is In Deep Trouble

Does Coakley Oppose Care for Rape Victims? Seems a bit of a stretch here.

Heckuva Revolt

Doug Flutie Endorses Scott Brown

Coakley's Saviors. The health-care industry rides to the Democratic rescue.

Ayla Brown ‘completely offended’ by Martha Coakley’s attack

Martha Coakley: People Are Stalking Me AND Coakley cites GOP ‘stalkers’ in D.C. dust-up

Take This Job and Shove It. Coakley's bodyguard is connected all the way to the top of the Democratic party.

Labor Ad Hits Scott Brown As Creature Of Sarah Palin And Tea Partiers

There Aren't Enough Liberals in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Senate Race Has A Real Chance To Turn Red

Turning Point in Massachusetts But I wouldn't crack any champaigne yet. In Massachusetts, the upcoming special U.S. Senate election is getting closer with Democrat Martha Coakley leading Republican Scott Brown 49% to 47%. This is the fourth straight public poll to show Coakley right around the 50% mark

Martha Coakley: The Voice for Fat Cats and Corruptocrats

The Forgotten Tea Party Senate Candidate in Massachusetts

Whatever, Martha. Coakley: Loss in Massachusetts Senate Race Would Hurt Democrats, Health Care

Blue-State Blues: Win or Lose, GOP Sets Frame for '10 in Massachusetts

Dems, labor pour cash into Kennedy seat

Democrats Go Into ‘Sheer Panic’ Mode Over Massachusetts

First Coakley, Now Kerry: Panic In Mass.

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