Saturday, January 16, 2010

From The Always Excellent GayPatriot

Are gay Groups Really Indifferent to Increasing Acceptance of Gay Conservatives by the American Right?

My comment at this post:
I think you are right that it is a good sign on the part of conservatives AND a sad sign of the state of affairs on the Left.

As someone who started life as a liberal and grew up to become conservative, I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum. I have always loved and supported my gay friends (I even had fag-hag status). I now embrace conservative values but have never considered who you love to be a political value. Rather I believe love is a human condition and should be respected regardless of ones politics.

My husband and I know many gay conservatives here and in the UK and we are proud of them. We also have many gay liberal friends and we are proud of them although we disagree on their politics.

Acceptance of all good. law-abiding citizens is one of the first principles of the United States and conservatism. Failure at this is an Epic Fail.

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