Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corruption Daily Round-Up 01-13


When Dictators Decide - Chinese gender imbalance will leave 24 million men unable to marry. We wonder: Why didn't anyone see this coming?

A Murderous Deception in Tehran Marks a New Escalation in the Islamic Republic’s Struggle for Survival

Team Obama Keeps Pushing to Take Over the Internet If our government does end up in control of the Internet, they could potentially restrict it as a medium of dissent, blocking the ability to communicate, educate, and organize.

Judge jumped the gun in allowing broadcast of same-sex marriage case BUT Supreme Court Blocks Broadcasting of Anti-Prop 8 Trial

U.N. Remains Uninterested in Oversight and Accountability

What Our Spies Can Learn From Toyota. We have 16 separate intelligence agencies. No wonder people aren't connecting the dots.

Gov. Paterson's teenage son taken into custody over possession of stolen credit card

Flight 253 Christmas Bomb Plot: How Much Did Obama Know?

Second Amendment Battle at Colorado State University

My heart weeps for their suffering but I'm not sure about this - 'Temporary' Status for Haitians

Do Three People Have a Right to Marry Each Other?


John Yoo Wipes the Smirk off Jon Stewart's Face

The Filibuster Is Constitutional and Essential for Freedom
Left wingers (including but not limited to the New York Times, Mother Jones, Think Progress, Washington Monthly and Ezra Klein) are trying to eliminate dissent in Congress by engaging in a coordinated attack on the idea of the Senate filibuster. Clearly, the left hates extended debate and they are advocating that Vice President Joe Biden eliminate the filibuster by decree as President of the United States Senate. They have no shame.

A two-fer! Global Cooling? Another Media Fraud

I Thought Howard Zinn was Bad Enough. Now We Have to Learn Our History from Oliver Stone

AP Poll Bias … Against Cats

Pelosi praises Google as 'example to business' in China


Faux Recovery

Global Warming Is a Religion

A two-fer! Global Cooling? Another Media Fraud

ClimateGate continues: “Follow the money, not the temperature”


The New Contract - Here - Contract for The American Dream.

God to Palin: 'You Go, Girl'

Sen. Feingold Gets An Ear Full From Constituents

Another 5,000 Charters Needed: Parental Demand for Charter Schools Surges 21% in One Year AND The Sound of China Breaking

The Filibuster Is Constitutional and Essential for Freedom

Uncommon Knowledge: Dr. Thomas Sowell on Intellectuls and Society – Talking Sense to Obama’s Cabinet Like Telling the Mafia to Go Straight

Empowering Education

Champions of Life on the Rise

Twenty Trends for the Twenty-Tens

Supreme Court Blocks Broadcasting of Anti-Prop 8 Trial

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