Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Political Corruption 01-13

President Obama's political arm under fire

Lawmakers offer warning to OMB. Key House Democrats are looking into whether White House officials attempted to thwart the law on government inspectors general.

How the White House Used Gruber's Work to Create Appearance of Broad Consensus

Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed. And Democrats expect to get elected/re-elected?!

Quinnipiac: Obama approval 45% AND Buyer's Remorse AND Americans split on Obama first year: polls AND Anatomy of a Meltdown AND Rasmussen - Overall, 46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove. AND Obama Approval on Terrorism Up to 49% Really?

A White House Disconnect

Anger With Obama Re-Ignites Secesh Talk ... In Vermont

Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed. Presumably only if Brown wins. Disgraceful!

Obama and the 'Fat Cat Bankers'. Surprise! Banks with government guarantees take the biggest risks, make the most money, and pay the highest bonuses.

Goldman Sachs-AIG: It's Likely Worse Than You Think
The Goldman Sachs-AIG scandal may be worse than we think. Former New York Fed President and current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is being castigated for paying off AIG's counterparties - Goldman foremost among them - 100 cents on the dollar and then keeping these payments secret. But it seems likely that Goldman actually got much more than 100%. What is worse, Goldman may have received this windfall by trading on information that was deliberately withheld from the public

The Geithner AIG Story. Those emails and 'systemic risk.'

The Filibuster Is Constitutional and Essential for Freedom

Union plans major ad buy for Coakley The Union in question is the SEIU which is a corrupt crony of ACORN, so Martha's got that going for her too. Ugh!

Unions Make Obama An Offer He Can’t Refuse

From my husband - Don't Mention the War

I'm Just Wild About Harry

Uncommon Knowledge: Dr. Thomas Sowell on Intellectuls and Society – Talking Sense to Obama’s Cabinet Like Telling the Mafia to Go Straight

PJTV Video - The Islamic Infiltration, Part 2: From Influence to Insurrection

Obama's rapturous style versus tea party substance

IRS Commissioner Does Not Do His Own Taxes Because of Complexity of Code

Harry Reid’s racial imbroglio

Take This Job and Shove It. Coakley's bodyguard is connected all the way to the top of the Democratic party.

Blue-State Blues: Win or Lose, GOP Sets Frame for '10 in Massachusetts

Reid's Remarks Unacceptable

John Yoo Wipes the Smirk off Jon Stewart's Face

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