Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brown v. Coakley 01-16

PJTV Video - MASS HYSTERIA: The Coakley-Brown Race Has Surprises the MSM Won't Show You

Massachussetts Armageddon: Dems Going “All Out” for Coakley in Final Three Days

I think "Holy Crap!" is more in order - WOW! Purple Shirted SEIU Members Holding Signs at Standout With Pictures!

Beware: SEIU’s Purple Army marches on Massachusetts. Loads of links in this post and I suspect the dropped in SEIU thugs won't be as nice as the local SEIU folks mentioned above.

How An Army Of Davids Could Win MA For Scott Brown

This Ad Is Criminal AND Coakley's Disgusting Rape Mailer

And apparently Mr. Brown thinks so too - Scott Brown Holding Press Conference– Will Press Charges Against Democrats–Updated

Martha and Scott: Was it “rape-rape”?

Obama personally joins Massachusetts quake relief

Still rockin’: Brown’s internal poll shows him up … by 11 However, intrade has Coakley still up. Here. Well, now Intrade has Brown up but this race is gonna be all about turnout.

Coakley's Strategy Will Backfire

Honest Democrat Ed Schultz Says ‘I’d Cheat’ To Keep Scott Brown From Winning...

Wow! She is truly a ghastly human being. Martha Coakley's Convictions. The role played by the U.S. Senate candidate in a notorious sex case raises questions about her judgment.

Coakley Also Fails Flickr It is very clear that she picked pictures where she thought she looked good rather than what the political impression would be.

Scott Brown surges ahead in Senate race

The Details: Coakley, Amirault, Woodward And Souza. Truly awful stuff.

Coakley: Reward The Guilty, Punish The Innocent

A Trade Center image in DSCC spot. This is a slap in the face of all Americans. Or is Coakley too stupid to tell the difference between the World Trade Center and the Wall Street Stock Exchange?

Senate Dems and al Qaeda Agree: World Trade Center Represents American Greed

Coakley and the Curling-Iron Rapist, Part II: Why Did it Take So Long to Press Charges?

The Cases Coakley Didn't Prosecute

From Bay State to Red State?

Eyes are on President Obama to set Martha Coakley’s ship right

Mass. Senate candidates shift to bank tax debate

Supporting Scott Brown: Pragmatism or Principle?

Republican Brown drives hard for Kennedy's seat

Democrats Accuse Brown of 'Radical' Ties as Senate Election Nears

Dems Feeling Heat Over Kennedy Seat

Obama political arm promises 'all out' effort to elect Coakley

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