Thursday, January 14, 2010

Corruption Daily Round-Up 01-14


White House Backs Away from Net Neutrality; Hard Left Interest Groups Plod On

The rap sheet

The Islamic infiltration, parts 1 and 2

Long Overdue Head Start Evaluation Shows No Lasting Benefit for Children

When Will the Democratic Party Grow Up and Seriously Address National Security?

Small Group of Bureaucrats Hampering Use of Anti-Terror Technology

Google China cyberattack part of vast espionage campaign, experts say

Proposition 8 Trial: The Question of Relevance

Addicted to Blame


Department of Injustice Watch: New Black Panther Party scandal update

Judge Kaye Conflicted In Working Families Probe

ACORN in California Splits From Bertha Lewis

Chicago’s Real Crime Story. Why decades of community organizing haven’t stemmed the city’s youth violence

When SEIU Is The Devil At Your Doorstep


Hey, Vladimir, Man Up!

New York, Cigarettes, and the Unintended Consequences

Ken Blackwell: The Left Goes to War Against Science, Surrenders on Terror

A Failing Doctrine

Green Jobs, Red Ink, Pink Slips

Enviro group buys ads backing Coakley in Mass. Senate race

Doomsday and Other Scientific Predictions


Mistakes a High School Newspaper Wouldn't Make

Why hasn't the media reported on this? GruberGate Fraud Ripped by Jane Hamsher (?) on Huffington Post (???)

Hush comes to shove

Isn't That Special

Another Shocking Media Double Standard

How the Media Are Covering ‘Head Start’s’ Failure


A new day is coming: restore faith and balance. By Scott Brown

Harold Ford politely declares war on Democratic Establishment.

Thank You Sir - Brandon Darby foiled terror attack, but the men convicted of plotting against 2008 Republican Convention win recognition AND Brandon Darby, American Hero

Education Reformers 2, Teachers Unions 0

Why Is Sarah Palin Associating with the For-Profit Tea Party Nation?

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