Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over-reaching His Over-Reach

First, the ghastly non-stimulating Stimulus Bill (aka Porkulus). Then the economy-destroying Cap-and-Trade failure-to-be. Followed by the kill-all-old-people-by-copying-failed-socialist-policies Obamacare.

Now, Obama is attempting to also over-reach and over-extend his political capital by taking on immigration as well.

Yes, because failing to revive the economy while passing bills that raise taxes, increase our energy bills, impose a national sales tax (aka VAT - its coming soon), and decicating US citizens' healthcare is not enough.

According to the New York Times, here, Obama wants to flood our weakened economy with foreign-born, non-English-speaking, generally illiterate workers.

No offense to illiterate workers, but how exactly is that sort of immigration reform going to help the US economy, let alone other US citizens? Wouldn't getting US workers employeed first be the priority?

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