Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eminent Domain of Our Health

I started this piece in response to Inspector Clouseau's comment in this post here. I then decided I wanted my response in a separate post.

I hope Inspector Clouseau is correct and this bill is dead because it is the wrong approach. It's assumptions are based in failed liberal theory rather than actual real world experiences.

If the democrats had looked at the existing programs such as medicaid and medicare and worked to fix the very real problems in those programs, I'd be supporting them.

If any politician had addressed the issues of loss of coverage due to unemployment with a portable solution, tax exemptions, or even simply removing the interstate barriers, my support would be boundless because these are solution that have a previous history of success.

But they didn't.

The Democrats seem to view the American people as infantile. They assume we do not understand the mechanics of insurance or contract law. How absurd! If we can safely buy auto insurance (indeed many states mandate insurance ownership), if we can buy homeowner's insurance (indeed many mortgage companies require homeowner insurance) and if we can buy life insurance (not required but damn I wish we had some), if we can purchase all those different insurance programs - 2 out of 3 required - AND buy them from anywhere in the country, why can't we do that with our health insurance?

Americans understand that we buy the health insurance. We paid good money for them. We may deplore the expense but when politicians threaten to take away what we paid for - well this is eminent domain of our health, isn't it?

Just as Eminent Domain can take our house or business away, Obamacare will take first our choice, then our healthcare away. Look to Canada. Look to Britain. Look to many EU countries (who used American Military presence as a reason to spend on social welfare rather than their own military defence). Americans are paying for the rationed healthcare of Europe this way. Now Democrats want us to pay ever higher taxes so they can eminent domain away our healthcare.

My in-laws are in their 70s and my husband and I are afraid a social worker will visit them and arbitrarily decide they need to be put in a home. They do that sometimes in Britain. Did you know that?

My parents are relatively young but my mother needs pain medicine that could easily disappear under Obamacare. She lives in Massachusetts and is NOT in their healthcare program but is considering it as her premiums are so expensive. If she could buy out-of-state, problem solved. But Massachusetts won't allow that so she is trapped. Helpless against a government program.

This is a glimpse of your future if Obamacare or ANY legislation involving the government-run healthcare is passed.

So unless you approve of Eminent Domain for your health, I suggest you find your Representative and your Senators and tell them not to vote for Obamacare. If we fail now, our only chance is to elect representatives in 2010 who will overturn this legislation before it can be enacted.

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