Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Media Bias 03-01

Two questions that aren’t being asked about Wisconsin

Media drop ball on Wisconsin coverage, make union protesters look like saints

Sad News from the Gray Lady (?)

CNN 'Belief Blog' Hypes Ad by Liberal Christian Group Asking 'What Would Jesus Cut? AND Jim Wallis and the Dangers of Heresy

WTF - Former Sen. Dodd Named Chairman of Motion Picture Association of America

Michelle Obama’s press agent: Politico reporter accused of flacking for first lady

Expose the Ruse, or Lose

Soros Blogger Eric Boehlert On Assault of Fox Reporter: “You Just Have To Laugh”

Krugman blames Texas’ ‘austerity’ for drop-out rate It's nice the way the NYT hires retarded writers. Supporting the mentally-handicapped is a good thing right?

TheDC Morning: NYT poll finds that NYT poll better at engendering sympathy than gauging it

Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos Party at Home of Convicted Pedophile, Pimp

I'm absolutely positive that even an empty Elmo puppet, it is still more intelligent than Boxer. Sen. Boxer on PBS cuts: 'Republicans have a vendetta against Elmo' Afterall, amongst everything else, she was rude to my husband.

CNN’s bombastic Brit takes on his critics, his ratings and—of course—Fox News

Did the New York Times and CBS News ask leading questions to twist Wisconsin polling data results?

WaPo Misleads In Planned Parenthood, Live Action Debate

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